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Although properties in Sharjah are not as prestigious as Dubai as Abu Dhabi, they are famous for good reason. For one, they offer a better alternative for expats who desire to live with their families but cannot afford the high rent prices in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. For them, leasing a studio or 1-bed of their very own can mean being close to family members and better savings. However, one will sacrifice little in terms of living standards as Sharjah is a well-developed emirate and has plenty of points of interest within its borders. For instance, those who want to enjoy a good time with their families can head to the Sahara centre where they will find the indoor theme park called Adventureland, which offers plenty of fun rides for kids and adults to enjoy. This indoor theme park is built across 700,000 sq. ft. of floor space. Those who love to enjoy a good swim could drive to the nearby water park known as Al Montazah Water Park. Most importantly, there are plenty of properties in its various districts, with one of the most popular being Al Qasimia real estate.

Types of Apartments are in Al Qasimia

Studio apartments for sale in Al Qasimia will typically come with one bath and 400 sq. ft. of floor space. Those looking for a 1-bed apartment in Al Qasimia can expect this flat to typically have 1 bath and around 500 sq. ft. Those who require a little more space from a residential unit could consider a 2-BHK which will on average, have 1 bath and square footage that will range from 600 to 1000 sq. ft.

Al Qasimia Apartments Prices

A studio apartment will range between AED 18K to AED 20K per annum. Those interested in a 1-bed unit in Al Qasimia can expect to pay a rental rate that will range from AED 21K to AED 32K annually. For flats with 2 bedrooms in Al Qasimia, one could expect to pay anywhere between AED 24K to AED 52K per annum. Those interested in leasing 3-bedroom apartments in Al Qasimia should expect to pay anywhere between AED 32K and AED 48K in yearly rental payments. Some realtors may offer 15 days of rent-free living, while some may also provide a flexible payment option in which residents are provided with the flexibility of giving six post-dated cheques for the whole year.

Al Qasimia Plan

If residents drive to the nearby neighbourhood of Al-Qulayaah, they will find the Al Matbakh Al Kuwaiti restaurant that specializes in serving Khaleeji dishes. If residents are craving Sudanese foods, they could visit the Nahar Riviera Restaurant. Moving on, if residents happen to be near Abu Shagara, they should visit the trendy Indian restaurant known as the Gazebo Restaurant. Those who would rather dine on some fast-food could visit the Hot Burger restaurant that serves fast food.

Reasons for Choosing Al Qasimia Apartment

For one, it is a better alternative to renting in Dubai, both in terms of the size of the apartments offered and rent prices. On top of all that, unlike other emirates, such as Ajman, which also has cheap rates on property, Sharjah can be a better alternative because it’s more developed and has many more places of interest and entertainment venues. If these factors are essential, it can make good sense to start your hunt for Al Qasimia.




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