Most Luxurious Hotels in the World

Burj Al-Arab, Dubai

Burj Al-Arab in Dubai, located on an artificial island near Jumeirah Beach, is regarded as one of the tallest hotels in the world and as the first “7-star hotel” or “the most luxurious hotel” in the world. Burj Al-Arab was opened in 1999 and is managed by the Jumeirah Hotel Group. The hotel has 28 double stories and 202 luxury duplexes. The hotel also offers six high-end restaurants, a helipad, and a luxury shuttle service from the airport that uses Rolls Royce cars, and 24-karat gold decked walls. The visitors are also offered iPads on their arrival which are made up of pure 24-karat gold.

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Second on the list is the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is a luxurious 5-star hotel overlooking the shores of the Arabian Gulf. The hotel was first opened in the year 2005 and costs around $3 billion in its construction. It has 400 luxurious rooms and suites with world-class services like comfiest furniture, relaxing in your spa, or tanning up your skin in the white-sandy beaches.

The Plaza, New York City

The most luxurious hotel in America is “The Plaza” hotel in New York City. The hotel is located in mid-town Manhattan which has the world’s most expensive real estate. It is New York’s one of most remarkable landmarks since 1969 and has served guests from around the world since then.

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

Atlantis Paradise Island is the best place on Bahamas Island for a wonderful reason. This resort with a 141-acre area was built to honor the lost Atlantis City of the Caribbean. It has a suite named Royal Towers Bridge which has full-size mirrors and a ceiling of 12 feet is the most luxurious room in the hotel.

The Palms, Las Vegas

 The Palms hotel in Las Vegas is located on the famous Las Vegas strip. This hotel is well known in North America for its classy and luxurious services. The hotel offers comparatively larger rooms with beautiful interior designs. The suites on the top of the building are the most luxurious and while staying there you can also get a chance to meet a celebrity.




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