Selling Guide

How to Sell Property in Dubai?


Look For a Real Estate Agency

Before selling a property in Dubai, you should consider finding a reliable and trustworthy real estate broker with whom you can build a professional as well as friendly relationship. He will provide the property market insights that will help you in selling your property. 

Negotiate a Price

Discuss with your agent and determine the real worth and value of your property and negotiate a suitable price for it. 

Make Your Property Look Presentable

Making the property look the best possible will increase your chance of selling your property in a timely and profitable manner.  

Marketing Your Property Right

Marketing your property becomes a lot easier when you become aware of the current trends of the real estate market. For marketing your property precisely, firstly photograph the interiors and the exteriors of your property and then use the right tactics through social media platforms, e-mails, and SMS communication. Your broker will also help you in marketing your property.

Viewings of Property

After you have followed the above mentioned steps, customers will hopefully start reaching out. Make sure that your property is in the best possible before customers start coming for viewing your property. 

Making an Agreement and Applying For NOC

Once you get a potential buyer who is willing to buy a property, both parties would be required to sign an MOU and Form F. after that, both you and the buyer would meet at the Developer’s Sales office and apply for NOC (No Objection Certificate).  




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