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The property settlement in Gate City is strategically located in an outbound yet vital part of the capital, allowing for connections between other crucial areas like Mohammed Bin Zayed City and Capital District. Supermarkets like Spinney’s and Rich & Fresh Supermarket are within the vicinity, so you don’t have to drive to off-premise locations for groceries and utilities daily. Eateries are also present, such as Circle Café, Ward & Yasmeen Restaurant, and Tasty Village Restaurant & Cafeteria. A medical facility called Danat Al Emarat Hospital exists inside the community, but a short drive further across the bridge can take you to Al Maqta Healthcare Center.

Abu Dhabi Gate City Plan

Abu Dhabi is one of the favorites for not just expats but locals too for investing in the properties, has seen several spectacular developments in the recent past. Top the listing and minutes away from the mainland is Abu Dhabi Gate City. E20, the road that connects major residential, commercial and recreational areas of the emirate, passes through the Gate City because of which this community has direct road links to important locations such as the International Airport and Al Ghazal Golf Club, and residential neighborhoods such as Al Falah and Al Moazaz. A bridge runs over the waterway of Al Maqta Channel, which connects Gate City with one of the key regions, Al Maqta, that was previously referred to as Bain Al Jessrain (Between the Two Bridges).

Types of Villas in Abu Dhabi Gate City

People are investing in the real estate market of Gate City because of its availability in many types of settlements. There are a couple of developments that offer villas here. The exteriors of the houses display a sharp façade with wooden accents. Much contemporary glassworks can be seen in the architecture, mainly used in the insulated windows with clear one-way view coatings. You may also notice the substantial usage of glass in elements like panels and frames around the doors or over the property’s facade. These elements enhance the aesthetic factor of the villas by allowing a broad view of the beautiful landscapes and calming waterfront scenery. Most balconies are horizontally curved around the façade and fenced with durable wrought iron railings. Villas for sale in Abu Dhabi Gate City comprise bedrooms, bathrooms, family room, living area, dining area, kitchen, and extra spaces.

Abu Dhabi Gate City Villas Prices

Out of the many properties, the Gate City villas are among the few that have great layouts. Unlike most residential units in Abu Dhabi, the vast floor areas of the villas in this community include two majlis rooms, extra storage spaces, several bedrooms, and bathrooms. The floor plans of these villas include 2, 3, and sometimes 4-bedroom units. The built-up area of the construction of 2-bedroom villas is 1,856 sq. ft., while the total plot area spans 2,688 sq. ft. The buying price of these 2-bed houses averages around AED 2.4 M. The built-up area of 3-bedroom villas in Abu Dhabi Gate City is 1,856 sq. ft., but the plot area spreads over 3.003 sq. ft., and the price of this layout is approximately around AED 3M.

Abu Dhabi Gate City Master Plan

Living in such a lush community is ideal for people who wish to live in a comfortable and clean environment. Vibrant amenities surround it, so there’s hardly ever a dull moment in this waterfront community. Gaming and sports facilities include:

A tennis court.

Basketball court.

A play area dedicated to children.

A club area for a game of cue sports.

Health and wellness facilities nearby include a sauna, steam room, swimming pool, and a gym. The vast gardens can also work as a barbecue area for outdoor parties. The seashore is practically a few steps away from these villas for sale; one can also find park benches right behind the cliff fences to sit and relax on while admiring the sea. “




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