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Most of the people think that the villas for sale in Al Rawda would too much costly and expensive and would not fit their budget as the offer private gardens, private parking, huge bedrooms and furnished villas in Al Rawda so they must be very expensive but the reality is quite the opposite. The starting price of a 5-bedroom villa in Al Rawda 1, Al Rawda 2 and Al Rawda 3 is much affordable and is set for anyone to afford easily the villas for sale in Al Rawda divisions. These luxurious villas for sale are a dream come true for many investors because it doesn’t get better than this. We all know that it’s a big struggle to buy the house of one’s dreams but with deals like these, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity.

Villas for Sale in Al Rawda

Once you decide that you will be buying property in this community, it’s inevitable that you get hooked to the high-end lifestyle of Al Rawda. With the presence of each and every amenity that we require for a prosperous life, living in a grand Al Rawda villa for sale ultimately means a grander lifestyle, which keeps getting better and better. A secure environment, contemporary architecture, electricity backup, private and shared pools, and nearness to every necessity is what life in Al Rawda brings to residents. This is a community that is flourishing and at the center of all activities. There is no reason for anyone to deny themselves and their families a chance to live a stable life in a house so beautiful that you fall in love with it almost immediately. Al Rawda is a place that will make you feel the same way and that is what we all look for apart from the perks that are already there. With other communities like Al Jurf Villas and Al Hamidiyah, Al Rawda creates a chance to experience diversity, especially when the city borders versatile hubs such as Sharjah and Dubai. Most of the villas for sale in Al Rawda are available in 4, 5 and 6-bedroom units with the same or greater number of bathrooms for each. However, the abundance of 5-bedroom villa for sale in Al Rawda is notable with more or less same number of bathrooms. The consistency is admirable and intricate infrastructure remains constant in each house, villa and flat. Villas in Al Rawda 1 are typically spread over an average area of 5,000 sq. ft, with one or two floors. While the minimum area for a villa has an average covered area of 3,200 sq. ft to 4,500 sq. ft. Villas for sale in Al Rawda 2 have an area of over 4,000 sq. ft and 6,000 sq. ft, with 5,000 sq. ft being the average area. However, for villas in Al Rawda 3, the area range falls down to 3,200 sq. ft, but the average remains same.




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