Luxury Villas, Houses & Properties at Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain) For Sale

Abu Dhabi is of prime importance as it is the capital of the UAE. It possesses historical and traditional values. It is the second-highest populated and the largest emirate. It is a dynamic hub full of investment and real estate opportunities. Abu Dhabi has many architectural marvels that add to its beauty. Between two bridges (Bain Al Jessrain) is located in Abu Dhabi. Standing true to its name, it is located between the Al Maqta Bridge and Musaffa Bridge. Many apartments and villas are available for rent in Between the two bridges (Bain Al Jessrain).

Types of Villas in Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain)

There are villas for sale in Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain). It has 4-bedrooms to 6-bedrooms villas. These villas cover the area from 2000 sq. ft. to 6000 sq. ft. The villas have covered parking, a spacious private garden, and a large kitchen with built-in and modern-style cabinets. The houses have maid’s and driver’s rooms with separate entrances. Some villas are also equipped with a laundry room. These houses are laced with double-glazed glass windows that give them a more contemporary look. Some of the villas have beach-facing bedrooms.

In Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain) Villas Prices

As there are many rental villas in Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain), the prices vary. The rent is every year. The rent can be paid through 1 or 2 cheques per year. A 4-bedrooms villa is priced between AED 200,000 to AED 230,000, while a 5-BHK in Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain) that covers 6000 sq. ft area’s average rent is AED 250,000/year. A 6-bedrooms villa can be rented from AED 260,000 to AED 300,000. The prices of apartments and villas in Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jess rain) may vary according to the area and location of the estate.

Lifestyle in Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jess rain)

Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain) offers a family-oriented and secure environment. The Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain) is 15 to 20 minutes away from Downtown Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi International Airport is just 10 minutes away from it. It is a modern residential area that comes into sight when you drive from Abu Dhabi International Airport towards the city. The Souk Qaryat Al Beri is very close to Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain) which has restaurants, bars, and supermarkets. Properties in Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain) offer many suburban facilities like a cinema, children’s play area, and gym. The inhabitants also get access to the clubhouse of the area. It is only a 12 to 15-minute drive from Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain) to Al Maqtaa and Abu Dhabi Gate City.

Reason for Renting in Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain)

Abu Dhabi is had plenty of real estate opportunities. Because of remaining unshaken during the economic crisis, it has become an attraction for real estate investors. Many properties in Abu Dhabi are under development, and most of them are residential units. Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain) is a residential area located between Al Raha and central Abu Dhabi. It is a newer and developed property where many villas and apartments are available for rent and sale. This area is being regarded as an upcoming suburb of Abu Dhabi. People willing to relocate to UAE will find renting villas in Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain) a convenient option because of its amenities and its prime location.




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