Dubai’s Binghatti Developer to Launch World’s First Bugatti Residence

Bugatti Residence

Dubai, known for its lavishness and magnificence, is taking luxury to new heights with the groundbreaking launch of the first-ever Bugatti Residences by Binghatti developer, a renowned architectural firm celebrated for its innovative designs, has joined forces with Bugatti, the iconic French luxury automotive brand, to curate an unparalleled living experience that seamlessly blends automotive elegance with modern living.

We have a similar ideas about what a Bugatti-branded home should be, according to Mate Rimac, CEO of Bugatti Rimac. In addition to having a gift for designing famous buildings, Muhammad Binghatti possesses an immense passion for the luxury and automobile design industries. We shall adhere to Ettore Bugatti’s dictum with our partnership: “If comparable, it is no more Bugatti.”

Bugatti Residence Dubai

The CEO of Binghatti, Muhammad Binghatti, stated: “When you open a Bugatti’s door and sit within it, you quickly realise that it’s something exceptional; something genuinely unmatched.”

“Only a small number of people would get the chance to experience this, so we decided to capture it in a luxurious refuge in the middle of the city with Bugatti Residences.

We have established the Binghatti business along similar pillars since any outstanding brand that has had a lasting effect on the world, whether via a car, a timepiece, or
other luxury commodity, starts with a grounded design aesthetic and a distinct perspective towards a particular way of life.”

On May 24, the project’s complete details would be out.

The International Association Property Awards and Forbes Middle East’s list of the “Top 100 residential property businesses in the Arab world” have both honoured Binghatti as a top property development business in the UAE. Muhammad Binghatti, the CEO and Chief of Architecture, is in charge of the business.

The developments at Binghatti are a part of the company’s project portfolio, which has an investment value of around Dh15 billion. In the city of Dubai, the company’s developments may be found in a variety of areas, including the downtown area, Business Bay in Jaddaf, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Liwan, and Dubai

Land Residence Complex.

For more than 110 years, Bugatti has been made at the top of the automotive world, designing the most innovative vehicles from its base in Molsheim, France. Today, Bugatti is a member for the Bugatti Rimac Group, which is run by CEO Mate Rimac, a leader in the electrification of high-performance automobiles.

What’s special

The initially scheduled Bugatti Residences will be built in Dubai in a partnership between famed French luxury automobile manufacturer Bugatti and UAE’s Binghatti.
In accordance with Binghatti in an email, this project will give locals access to the Bugatti lifestyle, which includes lavish parties, fine dining, and the ability to mix with renowned drivers and celebrities.

A breathtaking architectural masterpiece in the heart of Dubai, according to Binghatti, the residences’ architecture will embody the serenity and tranquilly of the French Riviera.

The partnership demonstrates the exceptional convergence among the two companies. The architectural talent of Binghatti, renowned for its risk-taking and complicated designs, complements Bugatti’s capacity to transform the car industry.

According to Mate Rimac, CEO of Bugatti Rimac, Muhammad Binghatti’s passion for luxury and vehicle design, together with his talent for designing incredible structures, make him a perfect fit for Bugatti’s trademark residences.




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