Frequently Asked Questions
I want to sell my property, what documents do I need in order to sell it?

You will need an original Sale Deed, Title Deed, relevant tax receipts and an Encumbrance Certificate in order to list your property for selling. Your buyer may demand to show these documents.

How big is an acre of land?

One acre of land equals 43,560 square feet. An acre is also compared to the size of a football field.

How to make a winning offer on a property?

Before making an offer you should consider researching the current market trends and do a comparative analysis which will help you find a fair market value of your property.

How much is the property transfer fee in the UAE? Why is it mandatory?

 You have to pay a transfer fee in the Arab Emirates if you transfer your property to someone else. It is an administrative fee charged by the sales developer.

What is an off plan property?

A property which is only planned yet and will be constructed in future or its construction is in the beginning stage is known as an off-plan property.




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