Blogs: Dubai Real Estate Investment Tips & Market Trends

How Indians can Buy Real Estate in Dubai?

All Indians, whether or not they reside in the United Arab Emirates, are eligible to own real...
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sobha hartland

A Comprehensive Guide to Living in Sobha Hartland Community

Sobha Hartland: Luxury Living in Scenic Dubai Residential complexes, commercial centers, retail...
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Mortgage Rates

Dubai Experiences Significant Surge in Mortgage Rates in 2023

The Dubai Mortgage Rates 2023 Scenario Dubai Mortgage rates in 2023 have been documented at around...
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Bugatti Residence

Dubai Binghatti Developer Launch World First Bugatti Residence

Dubai, known for its lavishness and magnificence, is taking luxury to new heights with the...
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Dubai real estate market

Dubai Real Estate Market Transactions in the first week of May

The first week of May 2023 saw 3,050 real estate transactions that were executed effectively, with...
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Dubai Properties

How to Invest in Dubai Properties From Pakistan

Are you interested in investing in Dubai's thriving real estate market but unsure of how to get...
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Real Estate

Dubai Real estate Regulatory Agency Introduces Smart Solution for Ad Verification

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) and the Dubai Land Department (DLD) have jointly released...
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Largest ocean

Dubai Announce: World Largest Ocean Restoration Project

Anything new in Dubai, you are probably wondering? There are a lot of exciting new projects in the...
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Prime garden

Explore High Rental Yield Potentials Project at Arjan Dubai

Real estate in Arjan is one of the most alluring investment options, providing long-term benefits...
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golden visa

Get Your Golden Visa with Just Dh2m Investment in Dubai Property – All Online and Crowd-funded

Through the digital real estate technology platform Stake, investors seeking a Golden Visa can now...
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emaar properties

How Investing in Emaar Properties will give you Amazing Profits in 2023

Emaar Properties reported a profit after expenses worth Dh6.8 billion in 2022 for the financial...
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Selling Projects in April

Best Selling Projects in April Dubai 2023

Dubai is a vibrant city that is constantly evolving, with new real estate projects popping up all...
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2-Bedroom Apartments

Why 2-bedroom apartments are high demand in Dubai?

The requirement for apartments significantly increased. As residents looked for more independent...
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hotels in palm jumeirah

Top 10 hotels in Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Palm Jumeirah is home to a staggering number of amazing luxury hotels and resorts, so consider...
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Luxury Property Mortgages

How Luxury Property Mortgages Differ from Conventional Mortgages

A mortgage is a type of loan, where the borrower pledges the property as the collateral for the...
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Top 10 Schools

Dubai’s Top 10 Schools for Academic Excellence and Future Leaders

In case you want a list of top schools in Dubai that are offering high quality of education and...
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best parks

5 Best Parks Near in Business Bay Dubai

Al Mamzar Park Al Mamzar park is one of Dubai's secret treasures. One of Dubai's playgrounds...
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self managing

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Self Managing Rental Property

Having never rented a property before? It takes a lot of work to manage your own rental properties,...
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Working womens

Life of Working Womens in Dubai

Being a welcoming and inclusive community for its women is something Dubai embraces. The same...
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investor visa

Comprehensive guide on how to get investor visa dubai

Individuals from every corner of the world who are wanting to invest or launch enterprises are...
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Best Hospitals in dubai

10 Best Hospitals in Dubai

Are you looking for trustworthy private medical facilities in Dubai? We offer you a list of the...
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womens rights in dubai

What are Womens Rights in Dubai

Emiratis do not elect leaders of state because the United Arab Emirates is not a democracy....
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Should I Invest in Dubai Properties During Ramadan?

The requirement for commercial real estate for sale in Dubai peaks at a particular period,...
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Delinquent Tenants

How to Handle Evictions and Delinquent Tenants

Why can't everyone just get along, be polite, and abide by the rules? Also, why can't every tenant...
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Safe & Easy Investment Options For Women in Dubai 2023

Importance of Investment for Women in Dubai Economic empowerment Retirement planning...
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townhouse communities

Top Townhouses Communities for Families to Live in Dubai

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city that attracts people from around the world with its luxurious...
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Save Money on your mortgage

How do Mortgage Brokers Save your Money?

 "I'll work to get you the best mortgage deal," "It Is feasible for you to purchase a home, so...
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women living

Is Dubai Safe For Women Living Alone?

How Safe Is It For Women Living Alone In Their Homes In Dubai? Safety In The Workplace For...
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Upcoming Sports Events in Dubai March 2023

The United Arab Emirates city of Dubai is famous for its modern architecture, luxurious living, and...
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Property Maintenance

How to Create a Budget for Property Maintenance and Repairs

You may have to do a variety of regular maintenance for move-ins and move-outs if your turnover...
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How Nfts Increase Transparency & Trust In Real Estate Transactions

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have emerged as a popular technology in the world of art and...
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Hotel apartments

Are Investing in Hotel Apartments are safe in Dubai?

Dubai is home to some of the world’s most luxurious and exquisite hotel apartments. From...
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Why Digital Assist Investor are moving to invest in Dubai Real Estate?

Due to several factors, Dubai's real estate market is a top destination for both traditional and...
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Emirates Living

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Emirates Living

With the population of Dubai expected to reach 5 million by 2023, the city has become an attractive...
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waterfront communities

Top Waterfront Communities & Luxury Residences in Dubai

Dubai's waterfront areas are famous for their lively nightlife and tourist attractions. Luxury life...
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palm jumeirah

Why Palm Jumeirah is Ultimate Choice for High Net Worth Rich profiles in Dubai

The luxurious lifestyle of Palm Jumeirah is the ultimate destination for the rich and famous....
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Sports Legends of UAE

Sports Legends of UAE: From National Heroes to International Icons

Sports is always a spirit of any nation and the same goes for the United Arab Emirates. The United...
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top entrepreneur

Top Entrepreneurs of UAE: Innovators Shaping the Future of Business

The United Arab Emirates has a growing and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. The country has seen...
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Realty transaction in dubai

Dubai Records Over $517 Million In Realty Transactions On Twenty First Feb 2023

Latest news all the way from Dubai is its real estate market exceptionally recorded 404 sales...
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dubai real estate

Dubai Real Estate Performance in Mid-February 2023

Mid-February Performance Of Dubai Real Estate The Dubai real estate market has been upward since...
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Dubai real estate market

Dubai Real Estate Market Report of January 2023

The Dubai real estate market has seen explosive growth in the past decade and is now one of the...
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british nationals

Why British Nationals Heavily Invest in Dubai Real Estate Market 2023

Introduction to Dubai's Real Estate Market Dubai has become a hub for international real estate...
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debit system

Dubai: Tenants Could Negotiate Monthly Rent Payments With New Direct Debit System

Dubai is one of the most iconic cities in the Middle East, renowned for its luxurious lifestyle,...
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Investment Banks

Top 9 Investment Banks in Dubai

Investment banking is distinct from traditional banking, where customers can choose between loans...
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real estate

Dubai Real Estate Continues Growth Momentum With Record Transactions

Dubai's residential rents and sales reached records at the year's conclusion. Last month, CBRE...
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Famous personalities of UAE

A Comprehensive List: Most Famous Personalities of UAE

Mohammed Alabbar Born on November 8, 1956, Mohamed Alabbar is an Emirati businessman best...
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financial fears

Stressed About Money? Here’s how to overcome your financial fears 

We've all experienced this: you awake amid sleep, and as you struggle to go back to sleep, thoughts...
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Mortgage Broker

Pros and Cons of using a mortgage broker in Dubai

A mortgage broker helps borrowers connect with lenders and seeks out the best fit in terms of the...
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keturah reserve in dubai

Why Foreigners Investing in Keturah Reserve’s AED 3 Billion Project?

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, November 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MAG, the UAE's premier real estate...
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A Beginner Guide to Mortgages in Dubai for First-time Homebuyers

The process of purchasing a home in Dubai can be very challenging for some first purchasers. The...
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dubai property

Dubai Real Estate Market Report of December 2022

Ready & OFF Plan Properties Transactions in Dubai In the Dubai real estate market, a total of...
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Q/A Property management

12 Questions Answered About Property Management Dubai

It's essential but tedious to choose rental property management companies in Dubai. Verifying the...
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Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid

Mohammed Bin Rashid Launch Dubai Economic Agenda D33

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE...
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Damac Lagoons Launch a New Cluster “”Ibiza”” to infuse Mediterranean flair to community

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - DAMAC Holdings announced the opening of the residential cluster known...
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Madinat Jumeirah

What Makes Madinat Jumeirah a Preferable Place to Live in 2023

To live in Madinat Jumeirah is a great opportunity to experience the family's accommodating...
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new year

10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year Night in Dubai

As "The Final Day of the Gregorian Year," often known as NEW YEAR'S EVE, it is one of the biggest...
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Top 5 Best Places for Expats to Live in Dubai 2023

Dubai is the desired destination for many migrants to relocate to upgrade their lifestyle. The...
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Bank Loan

Six Tips for Obtaining a Bank Loan to Buy a Home in Dubai

Dubai is name luxuries with the outstanding lifestyle and appreciative attractions that can allure...
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Urban Master

Muhammad Rashid Approves Urban Master Plan Phase II of Dubai 2040

Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the Vice President and the Prime Minister of the UAE and...
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Housing grant

Sharjah Approves Dh370m in Housing Grant Project

Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi is the Deputy Ruler and the Crown Prince of...
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Technology Events

Major Upcoming Technology Events Happening in Dubai 2023

Dubai leads the world in foreign direct investment (FDI) and technology transfer in the AI and...
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Inspection Agreement

Dubai Properties Inspection Agreement between Broker & Tenants?

A home inspection is performed to assess its condition when a real estate property is sold. A...
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tenancy contract

Expert Guide of Tenancy Contract Between Broker & Buyer in Dubai?

Are you planning on renting a property in Dubai? If yes, then you should understand the details of...
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Top Selling & Trending DubaI Real Estate in November 2022

The Dubai real estate market has seen the introduction of numerous new projects in the second half...
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property maintenance

What are Rental Property Maintenance Expenses in Dubai?

  What are rental property management fees How does rental property management work...
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How Dubai’s Real Estate Market is Thriving?

According to a report by Bloomberg, the cost of prime real estate in Dubai has increased by 89%...
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Emaar Projects

Latest TOP-20 Best Emaar projects in Dubai?

Emaar Properties consistently delivers affluent experiences and a high standard of life....
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Dubai to Qatar

Complete Guide: Everything to know travelling Dubai to Qatar for FiFa World Cup

Table of Contents What are the visa requirements to travel to Qatar? How much does it...
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Golden Pension Scheme

Everything you need to know about the “Golden Pension Scheme” for foreign employees in the UAE

National Bonds, the Investment Corporation of Dubai-owned Sharia-compliant savings and investment...
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Sharjah Dubai

All Nationalities are allowed to Own Real Estate in Sharjah?

The Sharjah Executive Council (SEC) has issued a ruling allowing all nationalities to buy and use...
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Business bay apartments

Why you need to Know Before Purchasing Property in Business Bay?

Business Bay, one of the most well-known areas, is located south of the city center. The commercial...
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10 Tips on How to Secure a Mortgage in Dubai for Expats in 2022?

The housing market in Dubai is booming, and so are the prices. With the increase in demand for...
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Getting a Mortgage to Purchase a Property in Dubai is Good Decision?

Dubai's real estate market is one of the most appealing and profitable in the world. Dubai is home...
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Can Expats Buy OFF Plan Property on Mortgage in Dubai?

Purchasing an off plan property in Dubai has several benefits. When acquired as quickly as...
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All you need to know about UAE Job Seeker Visa?

The UAE has announced a new UAE job seeker visa that will go into effect on October 3. The reason...
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Next Level Real Estate

Why Should You Choose Next Level Real Estate to Buy Your House?

Extensive Property Insight No one understands the current state of the real estate market better...
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Fifa World Cup

UAE Multiple Entry Tourist Visa For FiFa World Cup 2022

The World Cup 2022 in Qatar will soon arrive! On May 24, the United Arab Emirates will begin...
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Buyers Switch to Home Ownership After Rent Increases?

According to real estate experts, rising rental costs are pushing many Dubai residents to purchase...
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UAE Green Visa Effective From October 3

On Monday, October 3, 2022, the Dubai new visa rules went into effect. These regulations provide...
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10 Amazing Events in Dubai October 2022?

Global DevSlam 2022 Global DevSlam 2022 is the largest developer and tech skill building event in...
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5 Tips for Expats to Invest in Dubai Properties 2022?

Uncertain about what you'll need or where to begin when thinking about purchasing a home in Dubai?...
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Dubai Luxury Hotels

List of Top 5 Star Hotels in Dubai: Rose Dream | Al Jaddaf

Immerse yourself in a lifestyle that is filled with beauty and serene tranquility in the heart of...
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How to Make Millions by Investing in Dubai Properties 2022?

There is a massive migration of individuals into Dubai. Approximately 17 million people visit...
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Best Property Investment

10 Best Property Investment Opportunity in Dubai 2022?

Dubai provides an excellent range of possibilities in real estate, from cozy affordable apartments...
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Urban Tech District

5 Facts you need to know about Dubai Urban Tech District?

The most creative entrepreneurs will settle in the Dubai Urban Tech District, which will serve as a...
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New Law for Residents of Dubai requires cohabitants to be registered.

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has released more information regarding a new regulation requiring...
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10 Tips of Summer Maintenance for Dubai Properties?

With a huge influx of people buying property in Dubai, both homeowners and landlords in Dubai...
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Why Buyers From France, Italy & Russia Invest Dubai Real Estate?

Dubai has recently emerged as a prominent location for foreign investors looking to buy vacation...
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Best Villas Communities in Dubai 2023

Dubai is the most stunning city in the Emirates. It is also known as the crown jewel of the UAE....
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Golden Visa

Get Golden Visa to Invest in Dubai for Long-Term Residency?

The Golden visa is a long-term residence permit that allows foreign nationals to dwell, work, or...
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How Crypto Market Impacts on Real Estate Industry in Dubai?

Dubai is considered the world's paradigm of real estate market stability and viability due to its...
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Types of Property Asset Classes in Real Estate Dubai?

The word "real property" which refers to both land and any permanent improvements made thereon,...
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DEWA bill

Tips on how you can save DEWA bill in Dubai

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) makes sure there is a sufficient supply of these...
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Dubai’s Best Neighborhoods For Families To Thrive

Dubai is regarded as one of the world's most family-friendly cities due to its abundance of safe...
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5 Most Affordable Places to live in Dubai?

According to the Mercer Cost of Living survey, it is expensive to live in Dubai. It ranked as the...
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Real Estate

How To Measure The Performance Of A Real Estate Project?

It should not be surprising that the majority of market players employ real estate KPIs given that...
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Emaar Properties

Is buying Emaar Properties in Dubai a good decision?

This is your chance to purchase property in Dubai whether you're hoping to invest in real estate or...
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What is the purpose of Home Equity Release Loans in Dubai?

When you borrow a sizable sum of money from a lender and pledge your property as collateral, the...
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Complete guide Renting Dubai Apartments and Villas

The real estate sector in Dubai is one of the major economic sectors that have led the economic...
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Snagging company

Best Professional Snagging Company in Dubai

The best real estate investments are always those that have passed the snagging test, often known...
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Things you Need to Remember About Dubai Tenancy Law

Dubai tenancy law is a complex legal framework that governs the rental agreements between landlords...
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Housing Communities

7 Housing Communities You want to check out in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Due to its abundance of safe...
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Things that Make Real Estate such a Great Financing?

Real estate is one of the most popular investments in Dubai. A lot of people are investing in...
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5 Ways to Enhance Home Before Selling to Enlarge Returns?

Having a house is more than just an emotional endeavor. Additionally, it's a financial choice that...
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5 Great Ideas to decorate Your home in Dubai?

Since Dubai is a city of contrasts, you can use a variety of materials to decorate your home. Your...
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Property Management

Tips For Overseas Investors About Property Management in Dubai

In recent years, Dubai has become a center of expat settlement. A number of foreigners consider...
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Apartment in Dubai

Is It The Right Time to Buy an Apartment in Dubai?

The UAE is one of the most popular destinations for expats and tourists. The country offers a wide...
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What Happen When Property Buyers Unable to Pay Installments

Steps to take when property buyers are unable to pay installments on time. In the beginning of the...
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Top Emaar Projects that Enhance the Opulence of Dubai

Emaar Properties is a leading developer of integrated communities and properties in the Middle...
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Apps you Should Try Out as UAE Resident?

We all live in a world where technology is evolving day by day and we are moving towards a...
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OFF Plan Properties

Dubai OFF Plan Properties Hit Big Numbers?

Off plan property sales have increased to AED 4.95 Billion, or USD 1.3 billion across 2599 sales...
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upcoming events in dubai

Five Upcoming Events in Dubai that You Should Attend

Dubai is a land of beaches that enthrals everyone to come once in a life and attend different...
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Upcoming Dubai New Properties

Upcoming Dubai New Properties Launches in July 2022

The Dubai property market never fails to impress by bringing out hit projects one after the other....
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off plan projects

Top Successful OFF Plan Project Developer in Dubai 2022

Dubai has been considered one of the best places to live in the world because of the high...
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Emaar Properties

All about Emaar Beachfront Waterfront Projects?

Dubai is a city that supports the luxury lifestyle and would make your life a luxurious one for...
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Real Estate

How to Choose Right Agent for your Real Estate Needs?

In this fast-paced world, we all need to move at the same speed as this world is moving, and we all...
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Property in Dubai

10 Tips to Know Before Buy Property in Dubai?

Dubai seems like one of those cities that never ceases to astonish visitors. The city's proximity,...
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What Factors Have Led to Dubai’s Economic Success?

Dubai is one of the most breathtaking destinations in the world which offers you the top-class...
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Real Estate Agent

Benefits of becoming Real Estate Agent in Dubai?

Were you aware that working as a real estate professional is one of the most rewarding occupations...
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property transaction

Crypto – What is the Future of Property Transaction in Dubai?

Dubai is known for its rich lifestyle, lavish hotels, and, more recently, its developing bitcoin...
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Downtime Dubai

All You Need to Know About – Downtown Dubai?

Downtown Dubai is a residential and commercial complex with a total area of 3 million square...
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thermal imaging

What is the Importance of Thermal Imaging in Home Inspection?

Dubai attracts various foreign and local investors, because it has lots of Free Zones, and is also...
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Regular maintenance

How Regular Maintenance Can Increase the Value of Your Property?

Regular maintenance is an essential part of when you’re buying an apartment for sale in Dubai. It...
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off plan properties

How and Why should you Invest in OFF Plan Properties in Dubai?

If you want to invest in real estate, buying an off-plan property in Dubai is a great choice. And,...
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OFF Plan Apartments

Top Hottest OFF Plan Apartments in Dubai 2022

The construction industry in Dubai has witnessed a positive boom after the peak of COVID-19. This...
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off plan luxury villas

Things Should know before buy Off Plan Luxury Villas?

Buying off-plan luxury villas comes with their own upsides as well as downsides. Getting a property...
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Rented Faster

How Next Level Real Estate Get your Property Rented Faster? 

Renting out your property on your own is sometimes a hassle for the owners. You have to manage...
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rental property

What are the benefits of owning a rental property?

Have you considered entering the world of real estate investment and are intrigued by the prospect...
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Prorated Rent

How to Calculate Prorated Rent?

What is prorated rent? Prorated rent is the amount you fix to a tenant for the number of days they...
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DAMAC Lagoon

Top Trending & Upcoming Dubai Projects

Burj Jumeirah Located in Al Sufouh, Downtown Jumeirah, Jumeirah, Dubai, the Burj Jumeirah is a...
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Property Manager in Dubai

How to Find the Property Manager in Dubai of a commercial building?

As a property owner in Dubai, your goal is to get a reliable commercial real estate professional....
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Damac Lagoon

Why Dubai’s “Lagoons” by DAMAC is Catching the Eyes of Investor and Expat Community?

What Makes DAMAC Lagoons So Unique? A private community in Dubai called DAMAC Lagoons is 20...
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How Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are Revolutionizing the Future of Real Estate Companies in Dubai in 2021 and Upcoming Years?

How Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are Revolutionizing the Future of Real Estate Companies in...
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How to maintain a healthy indoor air quality?

Change the Filter of your air-conditioner Air-conditioning systems are constantly working to...
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Why Do Rich People From Around The World Decide To Live In Dubai?

How is it like to live as a Millionaire in Dubai? The Emirate of Dubai is widely regarded as a...
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Most Luxurious Hotels In the World

Burj Al-Arab, Dubai Burj Al-Arab in Dubai, located on an artificial island near Jumeirah Beach,...
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