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In April 2024, Dubai’s real estate market showcased an impressive performance, marked by a significant surge in sales transactions and a robust uptick in property prices. This surge reflects a thriving market, bustling with investor activity and confidence. Here, we delve into the key statistics and insights that defined Dubai’s property landscape in April 2024.

Sales Transactions on the Rise

Dubai witnessed a remarkable increase in real estate transactions in April 2024. The total number of property sales reached an astounding 11,608 transactions, marking a 45% increase compared to the same month in the previous year. This substantial rise signals a growing investor interest and a buoyant market environment.

Dominance of Apartment Sales

Apartments emerged as the most sought-after property type, with sales soaring by 57.4% year-over-year. Out of the total transactions, apartments accounted for 9,686, dominating the market. This trend underscores the high demand for residential spaces in Dubai, particularly in the urban centers where apartments are preferred for their convenience and amenities.

Broad-Based Growth Across Property Types

While apartment sales led the charge, other property segments also saw notable growth. Villas registered an 8.2% increase in sales, reflecting the demand for more spacious, family-oriented homes. Commercial properties and land plots were not far behind, with increases of 13.1% and 27.6%, respectively. This balanced growth across different segments illustrates a comprehensive strengthening of the market.

Escalating Property Prices

The increase in transaction volume was accompanied by a significant rise in property prices. Apartments saw a price hike of 13.7%, while villas appreciated by 25.8%. Commercial properties topped the charts with a steep 39.9% increase in prices, followed closely by land plots, which saw a 27.6% rise. These price adjustments are indicative of a strong demand and a competitive market scenario, fueled by both local and international investors.

Substantial Increase in Total Sales Value

Reflecting the heightened market activity and increased property values, the total sales value in Dubai’s real estate sector reached a staggering 32 billion AED in April 2024. This represents a 21.5% increase from April 2023. The substantial growth in sales value not only highlights the financial robustness of the market but also its attractiveness to investors looking for lucrative opportunities.


April 2024 has been a landmark month for Dubai’s real estate market, with significant increases in both the volume of transactions and property prices. The data indicates not only a recovery but a vibrant expansion that promises more growth. This performance is a testament to the enduring appeal of Dubai as a global real estate hub, offering a diverse range of investment opportunities. Investors and stakeholders in the real estate sector can look forward to a dynamic market landscape, promising both challenges and opportunities in the times ahead.

Dubai’s real estate market continues to be a beacon for global investors, buoyed by strategic developments and an attractive investment climate. The trends observed in April 2024 serve as a robust indicator of the market’s potential and its pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of the region.





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