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Luxury townhouses for sale in Dubai

Townhouses in Dubai are sometimes confused with villas. This property type is slightly different from other property types and is generally built in homogenous, separate communities with shared facilities. Townhouses typically share a boundary or wall, while villas are mostly standalone and independent. If you are looking for townhouses for sale in Dubai, you can choose between attached and semi-attached 1- to 5-bedroom units. You can easily find a range of luxury townhouses for sale in the city of Dubai. If you are looking to move with family, you can choose between 3-, 4-, and 5-bedroom units, some of which are triplex units. There is also a wide range of 1 and 2-bedroom townhouses for sale in Dubai that are ready to move into and suitable for those in search of reasonable and affordable accommodation. These units are built in clusters and feature similar architectural styles with private gardens and parking spaces. One can also go for terraced units, which are priced higher compared to other units. 

Since off-plan properties are generally less expensive and have a very high likelihood of appreciating in value, they are generally considered a good option for buying properties. Popular areas in Dubai where you can buy off-plan townhouses include The Valley, Tilal Al Ghaf, MAG Eye, Mohammed Bin Rashid City, and Villanova in Dubailand. There are two types of townhouses in Dubai based on their construction style. You can choose between attached and semi-attached units. Attached townhouses are those that share a wall on both sides. It does not disturb the privacy of residents, but those who like can go for semi-detached townhouses, which means that the property is partly attached to another or shares a wall with another on one side. Semi-attached townhomes are mostly those built on corner plots.

Why Dubai is the Most Desired Place to Live in the World?

Dubai is home to some of the most royal and luxurious residences in the world. The emirate’s rising real estate industry is popular with both investors and renters. This fast-growing and bustling city is also known to be one of the most popular destinations to live in the world due to its reasonably priced accommodation, access to luxury amenities, and quality of life in terms of personal and financial security. 

An apartment for sale in Dubai offers a very high return on investment, which is another factor that makes Dubai a well-liked investment location worldwide. These are a few of the factors that contribute to Dubai’s annual influx of millions of tourists and its population of people from over 200 different nationalities. The best and safest place in the world, according to those wishing to put their money in real estate or various sorts of residences, is Dubai.

Difference between a Freehold and Leasehold Property

Defining a freehold property is very simple. a property that is “free to hold” from anyone or any entity except the owner. Hence, the owner of such a property enjoys free ownership in perpetuity and can use the land for any purpose he desires. However, in accordance with the laws of Dubai’s government, the sale of a freehold property does not require consent from the state and hence requires less paperwork, making it more expensive as compared to a leasehold property. Leasehold properties are those properties sold on a leasehold basis, where the investor will be given the rights to a property for a fixed term ranging from 10 to 99 years in exchange for a negotiated amount for the property. Leasehold properties must be leased from a landlord with UAE nationality rather than being directly purchased.




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