Five Upcoming Events in Dubai that You Should Attend

upcoming events in dubai

Dubai is a land of beaches that enthrals everyone to come once in a life and attend different events in the metropolis. It is a city of large business hubs and incredible architecture which supports a luxurious lifestyle. The nightlife of Dubai is its signature, and luxury villas for sale in Dubai attract a large crowd from all across the globe because of the high investment rates and attractive sights. 

Dubai is one of the cities in the world that has the privilege of hosting the big events of the world. As they have the high tech equipment and technologies that will assist the big investors and other businessmen in the UAE to hold big events. There are some upcoming events in Dubai which are important and you should definitely attend them. These are:

  • The Big 5
  • The Leisure Show
  • Dubai Food Festival
  • Afrojack
  • In classical International Music Festival

How does Dubai host the big events?

Dubai is considered one of the fast-paced cities in the world and complements the architecture well. People usually call Dubai a hub of the business market and latest trends. Its status is considered as the growing knowledge hub. This city supports a luxurious lifestyle and attracts visitors from all across the globe. Dubai’s appeal as a highly connected, business-friendly city at the nexus of the East and the West is increased by its status as a developing knowledge hub. The variety of universities, research centres, and educational institutions that can provide businesses and people with access to their knowledge is key to this. These reflect the diversity of the city and include local operations of renowned worldwide organisations as well as fresh competitors that have risen to prominence in Dubai’s hospitable business environment. 

Dubai’s Real Estate and Investors:

Dubai’s Real Estate is giving a plethora of options to investors to invest in it, and earn great revenues from it. Luxury villas for sale in Dubai are one of the options which enthral the visitors to invest in the metropolis. Moreover, for so many years Dubai is hosting a large number of events which attract billions of visitors from all across the world. The 5 five upcoming events that you must attend in 2022 are listed below:

The Big 5 Event:

The biggest building trade fair in the MEASA region is The Big 5 Dubai. The decision to hold the event at the end of the year was taken by the organisers following the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia construction industry’s successful face-to-face meeting in 2021. Over 1200 exhibitors and 36,000 skilled customers will attend The Big 5 2022 dates, which are December 5–8, at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center (DICEC). The trade show will feature everything from building interiors, MEP services, and building automation to building components. 

There will be 9 additional events in addition to The Big 5 Dubai. Middle East Concrete will exhibit batching tools, cement goods, concrete cutting and repair tools, etc. The Big 5 Heavy will concentrate on lifting, moving, PMVs, and site machinery. The Big 5 Solar will showcase solar products and services designed for the construction industry. Solutions for urban development and landscaping will be presented at the Urban Design & Landscape Expo. The FM Expo will showcase the most recent developments in facility management technology. A broad variety of natural stone, marble, and granite items will be available at Middle East Stone. Innovative glass innovations as well as window, door, and façade solutions will be highlighted by Gulf Glass and the WDF Event. The HVAC R Expo will have displays for heating, cooling, air quality, and ventilation solutions. 

The Leisure Show:

The Leisure Show is the top trade show for the recreation, sports, lodging, and spa and pool industries. In order to network, find the newest goods and equipment for the construction, operation, and maintenance of their resort, fitness centre, spa, outdoor area, theme park, and other leisure facilities, architects, designers, commercial developers, and other important decision-makers attend the event.

Dubai Food Festival:

The Dubai Cuisine Festival (DFF) is a two-and-a-half-week-long culinary extravaganza that gives tourists the chance to experience the city via food, from street food to fine dining. For 17 days, Dubai transforms into a gourmet paradise and a popular destination for travellers interested in international cuisine.

The festival is held at a number of locations throughout the city, including renowned shopping centres, upscale eateries, and backstreet markets. The JBR, City Walk, and Jumeirah Beach continue to be the festival’s primary locations. During the fair, a number of Dubai’s secret culinary jewels come to life.

The Dubai Food Festival is a two-week fun festival that includes many street food stalls and exclusive retail deals. Events like the Swyp Beach Canteen, Hidden Gems, Dubai Restaurant Week, Foodie Experiences, Taste of Dubai, and Limited Coffee Edition may all be experienced at DFF.


The Coca-Cola Arena will host a back-to-back concert by Afrojack and Steve Aoki, which Full Circle is honoured to offer. One of the most prosperous American cross-genre musicians is Steve Aoki, a Grammy-nominated music producer, artist, fashion designer, businessman, and NFT visionary. Grammy Award-winning producer, songwriter, and DJ Afrojack continue to break through barriers and take music in daring new ways. It will undoubtedly be a memorable evening.

In classical International Music Festival:

At the Dubai Opera, the Classica International Music Festival reached a climax with some of the most renowned concertos ever performed by an all-star cast of performers.

Conductor Gergely Madaras, a former flautist who now leads international orchestras, took issues “in hand.” He has been inspired by the new generation of like-minded musical directors he sees rising from those orchestras. The festival is a four-week celebration of classical music, with 26 concerts at Dubai Opera, 50 internationally known soloists, 3 elite orchestras, and 11 renowned conductors.

The Berlin Symphony Orchestra and Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra will also perform during InClassica 2022. Other illustrious conductors like Conrad van Alphen, Gianluca Marciano, Marius Stravinsky, Gergely Madaras, and Massimiliano Caldi have joined these prestigious ensembles. Verdi, Beethoven, Debussy, Mendelssohn, Strauss, Dvoák, and composer-in-residence Alexey Shor are just a few of the well-known composers whose works will be featured whose works I will feature in the festival’s broad and captivating repertoire.


We have listed the top 5 upcoming events in Dubai, which are full of fun and enthusiasm, and you will really enjoy visiting it. Visitors from all across the world visit Dubai, then at the time of these festivals, a huge number of people visit because of these great events that will prove to be a great venture for them. So, whenever you visit Dubai next time, we would say that to attend these events for sure in 2022!


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