Nakheel Launch New Project Rixos Branded Residences at Dubai Islands

Rixos Dubai Islands Hotel Residences

Nakheel the master developer has recently launch an exciting new development in Dubai known as the Branded Rixos Apartments & Villas at Dubai Island. This project is a significant milestone in the expansion of the hotel sector in Dubai and marks a notable addition to the branded residential real estate scene in the city. The demand for such properties has been widespread, leading to increased partnerships between real estate developers and renowned hotel groups as well as luxury product brands.

Rasha Hasan, the Chief Commercial Officer at Nakheel, emphasized the significance of introducing the esteemed Rixos brand to Dubai Islands, as it ensures an exclusive, family-friendly living atmosphere that combines waterfront luxury with the dynamic spirit of a metropolis.

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The Rixos Hotel and Residences project is an integral part of Nakheel’s vision for the Dubai Islands, formerly known as Palm Deira. This ambitious development encompasses five islands spanning a total area of 17 square kilometres. Upon completion, the Dubai Islands will boast an impressive array of more than 80 resorts and hotels, catering to various preferences such as luxury resorts, health destinations, boutique hotels, family-friendly accommodations, and eco-friendly establishments.
Moreover, the project aims to meet the growing demand for housing in Dubai by constructing 38,000 new residential units.

The residential offerings in the Rixos development include freehold ownership opportunities, allowing individuals to own their living spaces outright.The available units comprise one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, townhouses, and ten exclusive standalone villas with breathtaking beachfront views.

Its 700-meter beach, granting all residents direct access to the stunning shoreline. The residential options are diverse and well-appointed, including one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, four-bedroom duplexes with private pools, beach houses featuring charming gardens and terraces, and ten opulent villas. The three-bedroom apartments offer spacious living spaces of approximately 450 square meters, while the luxurious villas boast 590 square meters of living area and come with private pools.
As Nakheel proceeds with the project’s first phase, they plan to introduce an additional residential complex in the second phase, further expanding the range of options for prospective buyers and investors.

With such grand plans and a commitment to elevating the hotel and real estate sectors in Dubai, the Rixos Hotel and Residences project is set to become a landmark destination, enhancing the allure of the Dubai Islands for both residents and visitors alike.




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