Dubai Properties Inspection Agreement between Broker & Tenants?

Inspection Agreement

A home inspection is performed to assess its condition when a real estate property is sold. A professional property inspector evaluates the quality of the property’s plumbing, electrical, water, and sewage systems and some fire and safety hazards. The house inspector will also look for signs of insects, water, fire dangers, or other issues that could reduce the property’s value. The inspection aims to offer a prospective buyer an objective assessment of the property’s physical condition.

The Dubai Properties Inspection Agreement is a contract between the renter and the broker that ensures no hidden expenditures or charges for repairs or maintenance. The agreement also includes a list of property items that must be evaluated before moving in. Any party can do this. However, it is preferable if the landlord does it before giving the tenant the keys.

If you’re new to leasing and have questions about landlord and tenant rights and obligations, continue reading for our in-depth guide to knowing the rights of a landlord in rented properties.

What is the Property Inspection Agreement in Dubai?

Property Inspection Agreement in Dubai

The Dubai Properties Inspection Agreement is a contract between the broker and the tenants. It is an agreement that sets out the terms and conditions of inspecting properties in Dubai.

The tenant should know they are entering a legal agreement with the broker. The broker has to provide accurate information about the property, including its location, size, condition, amenities, and other details. The tenant should also be aware that they have to pay for any damages found in the property during the inspection.

The agreement should include the following:

-The responsibilities of the landlord and tenant

-The inspection process

-What happens if a property is not in compliance with the agreed standards?

The broker inspects the property to ensure it meets the safety, cleanliness, and maintenance standards. The tenant must pay a security deposit, which is then used for repairs or cleaning.

What happens if a landlord requests that a real estate agent come to the rental property?

If a landlord intends to sell a  property, they must notify you at the start of the tenancy. A landlord may also desire to evict a tenant by delivering notice of a change in the tenancy terms at least three months before it ends.

The stipulations may be such that the landlord knows for certain that the tenant will be unable to stay and will vacate, freeing up the property for sale. In terms of property visits, a landlord has an absolute right to visit and examine the property after providing adequate tenant notice.

The landlord cannot revoke this entitlement. Cooperating while understanding your rights regarding selling a rented property is often recommended. Most property owners will sell with a tenant in place, who will simply pass the remaining terms of your tenancy to the new owners.

What tenants should know about the legislation

  • If your landlord wishes to increase the existing rent value, they should provide you a 90 days notice; any subsequent rent increase would be applied at the time of renewal. The legitimacy of increment can be evaluated using the RERA rent calculator, which can be available on the website.
  • A landlord can only evict a tenant after issuing a 12-month written notice. This notice should be notarized and submitted via registered mail.
  • A landlord has the right to sell his property and must provide you with a 12-month written notice. Once he has done so, you must grant viewing access. However, if the landlord fails to sell the property, the 12-month notice becomes null and void, and you are not required to vacate.
  • If a landlord has asked you to remove him or his immediate next of kin because they have moved in, he cannot re-let the property for two years from the date of the eviction. If you discover that he has re-let the property during the two years, you can file a complaint with the rent committee and be entitled to compensation under the law.

Property Inspection and Access to Property in Dubai

  • The landlord owns the property, but the tenant lives there while leasing, which means that the landlord must maintain their privacy and tranquility (this is called peaceful and exclusive use of the property).
  • A landlord has the right to conduct routine property inspections. The RTB recommends performing an inspection every three months.
  • If the landlord has to enter the property (for example, for an inspection or maintenance), the tenant’s permission is necessary, and the landlord must provide reasonable notice.
  • However, if tenants consistently refuse property access, they violate their obligations. A tenant is entitled to a reasonable amount of time to correct a breach of responsibility.
  • A landlord should first write to the tenant, explaining the breach of responsibility (in this case, not allowing an inspection or repair) and requesting a mutually agreeable time to perform repairs or inspections.
  • However, if tenants consistently refuse property access, they violate their obligations. A tenant is entitled to a reasonable time to correct a breach.
  • Unless there is an emergency circumstance in which the landlord must access the property, and every attempt has been made to reach the tenant, the landlord can only enter the property with the tenant’s permission (for example, a flood in the property or a fire, etc.).


Dubai Properties Inspection Agreement is a legal contract between the property inspection company and the tenants. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that there are no disputes between the parties. This agreement also states what is expected from each party.

The rights and obligations of both parties are laid out in the agreement. Knowing what you agree to before signing any contract is important. Next Level Real Estate has been helping people buy and sell properties for over five years. They have helped many people find their dream homes, and they have helped many people earn a good profit on their real estate investments.

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