Sharjah Real Estate Boom: 165% Surge in Foreign Investments Sets Record Year

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Sharjah’s real estate sector witnessed a remarkable transformation in 2023, fueled by a 165% surge in investments from non-Arab foreign investors. This data, released by the Sharjah Real Estate Registration Department (SRERD), marks a significant shift in the emirate’s property market, driven by strategic government policies and a growing global appeal.

Key Highlights:

Investment Boom: Overall real estate investments in Sharjah jumped by 165% in 2023 compared to the previous year. This growth was primarily driven by a 131.7% increase in the number of properties traded by non-Arab foreign investors, highlighting their significant contribution to the market’s dynamism.

Record Cash Transactions: Cash transactions reached a record-breaking Dh27.1 billion in 2023, representing a 13.1% increase compared to 2022. This surge indicates strong investor confidence and a preference for direct purchases.

Diversified Investor Base: The diversity of nationalities investing in Sharjah’s real estate market expanded to an impressive 103, marking a 21.2% growth compared to 2022. This diversification mitigates risk and ensures long-term market stability.

Increased Property Transactions: Total property deed transactions saw a significant 7.5% increase, reaching 24,842. Sales transactions also witnessed a robust growth, surging to 8,731 across 232 diverse areas, encompassing over 89 million square feet.

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Government Policy as a Catalyst:

The remarkable growth in Sharjah’s real estate sector can be attributed to several strategic government decisions, including:

Full Ownership Rights: In 2023, the government granted full ownership rights to non-citizens and Gulf nationals, removing a significant barrier to foreign investment. This move unlocked immense potential and attracted investors seeking freehold ownership opportunities.

Investor-Friendly Initiatives: The government actively implemented various investor-friendly initiatives, such as simplifying procedures, reducing fees, and promoting transparency. These measures facilitated ease of doing business and boosted investor confidence.

Infrastructure Development: Continued investments in infrastructure development, including transportation networks, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions, further enhanced Sharjah’s attractiveness as a residential and investment destination.

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Investor Confidence & Market Outlook:

The impressive statistics and positive investor sentiment paint a promising picture for Sharjah’s real estate market in the coming years. Key factors driving optimism include:

Continued Policy Support: The government’s commitment to attracting foreign investments through favorable policies is expected to sustain market momentum.

Economic Diversification: Sharjah’s focus on economic diversification beyond oil and gas is creating new opportunities and attracting diverse investors seeking exposure to growing sectors.
Lifestyle Appeal: Sharjah offers a unique blend of cultural heritage, modern amenities, and a family-friendly environment, making it an attractive destination for both residents and investors.




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