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India vs Dubai

India vs Dubai: Where should you invest in real estate?

Deciding between India vs Dubai for real estate investment poses a unique challenge. Each location offers distinct opportunities and considerations for investors. This comparison, focusing on India vs Dubai, will evaluate market performance, investment options, tax obligations, lifestyle differences, and potential returns on investments. By thoroughly understanding these aspects, investors can make...

Property Market

Women’s $25 Billion Contribution to UAE Property Market Growth

Women Powering Progress: A Deep Dive into their $25 Billion Surge in UAE Real Estate The UAE's property market is experiencing a seismic shift, driven by a force both underestimated and unstoppable: women. In 2023, female investors injected a staggering $25 billion into the sector, marking a remarkable 53.9% year-on-year increase. This surge shatters stereotypes and signifies a pivotal moment in the...


Types of Property Asset Classes in Real Estate Dubai?

The word "real property" which refers to both land and any permanent improvements made thereon, serves as the definition of the real estate asset class. Water and trees are examples of both natural and man-made enhancements (buildings, homes, and fences). In Dubai, the market has seen a lot of changes. New digital investment platforms, trade licenses, work permits, changes to visa and citizenship...

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How To Measure The Performance Of A Real Estate Project?

It should not be surprising that the majority of market players employ real estate KPIs given that it is one of the largest sectors in the world. Contrary to popular opinion, these measures are employed for more than just monitoring news reports on real estate sales. They also keep track of information relating to property leasing, management, and development. As a result, there are numerous market players...


Complete guide to Renting Dubai Apartments and Villas

The real estate sector in Dubai is one of the major economic sectors that have led the economic growth, creating a significant positive impact on the city's economy. One of the key indicators of economic performance is the GDP growth rate at constant prices, which measures the rate of economic growth. The government of Dubai's economic policies and incentives, which aim to boost economic growth and...

Apartment in Dubai

Is It The Right Time to Buy an Apartment in Dubai?

The UAE is one of the most popular destinations for expats and tourists. The country offers a wide range of attractions, such as luxurious hotels, world-class restaurants, and incredible shopping malls. Dubai has become a hot spot for developers who are building lavish apartments. Some of these apartments have been specially designed to cater to the needs of people who want to live in Dubai on a...


What Happen When Property Buyers Unable to Pay Installments

Steps to take when property buyers are unable to pay installments on time. In the beginning of the pandemic, the developers were willing to make improvements to the payment plan rather than to lose all of their customers. Those developers in particular, who had villas for sale in Dubai projects in 2018–19 but merely got the down payment. In an installment agreement, the seller of a real estate is...


What Factors Have Led to Dubai’s Economic Success?

Dubai is one of the most breathtaking destinations in the world which offers you the top-class infrastructure and lifestyle in the metropolis. It portrays an iconic and extravagant skyline of Dubai, a luxurious lifestyle, and record-breaking stats. Dubai is considered one of the top investor hubs in the world that give you a good return on your investment. Dubai's investment in real estate is captivating...

Real Estate Agent

Benefits of becoming a Real Estate Agent in Dubai?

Were you aware that working as a real estate professional is one of the most rewarding occupations available? Real estate agents are in charge of assisting consumers in purchasing homes. They not only look for properties that their clients like, but they also bargain with sellers to acquire better prices. As a result, they can generate more income while their customers give less for their properties. The...




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