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Enjoy the unrivalled lifestyle that is offered by the abundance of top-notch dining and shopping options that are right outside your door. Explore a world of luxury goods that may satisfy all of your needs, or indulge in a gastronomic experience that will tantalise your taste buds. Along with being well-placed to keep you close to the action of the city, your little sanctuary ensures that you always have peace and quiet.


Experience The Oasis’s splendour

The near proximity to the schools, hotels, stores, and recreational amenities including a yacht marina, a central park, and magnificent waterfront promenades ensures that your family will thrive in the Oasis.
The realm of sophisticated class
Discover a perfect fusion of usefulness and beauty, where heritage and contemporary come together to form the ideal home.

Indulge your attention in a realm of sophisticated class, where every detail of daily life has been painstakingly constructed to meet your needs. You will discover a haven here wherein your desires become a reality and your aspirations for the future are nourished.
the oasis
Explore the mystical beauty

A magnificent stream of flowing water that delicately winds throughout the neighbourhood will welcome you as you arrive and instill a sense of peace and tranquilly. The heart of the room is this captivating feature, which invites you to relax and recharge in its warm embrace. The body of water offers to be a haven for the spirit whether you decide to take an easy walk along the shoreline or just soak up its mystical beauty.


Luxurious lifestyle unparalleled creativity

The Oasis by Emaar Properties is the newest residential development of its kind in Dubai that offers villas where luxurious lifestyle meets unmatched peace. This masterpiece, which is located in the centre, will change what is considered to be the norm for luxury and peace.

World-class Amenities for everyone
Modern fitness facilities, swimming pools, jogging trails, and landscaped gardens are included in the property, providing options for leisure and recreation. Furthermore, nearby community centres, shops, restaurants, in addition to recreational venues are available to residents.
Swimming Pool
Beach Areas
Water attraction
Retail Outlets
BBQ Area
Landscaped Gardens
Jogging Tracks

About Developer


Emaar Properties is a reputable company in the property sector that was founded in 1997. It has developed expertise in the tourism, relaxation, and retail segments. Since the beginning, it has shaped landscapes and people’s lives, and it has mastered the creation of communities that satisfy the entire spectrum of lifestyle requirements. Emaar Properties, one of among the best-known developers of homes in the world in Dubai, has had a significant impact in changing Dubai’s appearance. In the UAE, Emaar has established an outstanding reputation for building and shipping homes of the highest calibre. Among other things, it is the principal developer of Downtown Dubai.

Fosters an aura of community

For The Oasis, Emaar Properties has painstakingly created a master plan that includes smart design features and carefully thought-out infrastructure. The complex includes a number of roomy homes that are harmoniously placed and display cutting-edge architectural styles. The goal of the recreational facilities and activities is to develop a welcoming neighbourhood that fosters an aura of community and improves the general standard of living.

Key facilities


Enjoy a variety of extraordinary features, such as elegant areas for rest and renewal.

Experience the height of artistic brilliance in one of these magnificent houses.

Discover the delight of living alone in a gated neighbourhood that guarantees peace.

• Located in an excellent area and has easy access to major highways

Encourage a feeling for community where people can participate and

Enjoy the soothing embrace ofcarefully designed water features, such as lagoons.

Convenient access to all the major landmarks

The Oasis is an entirely novel villa development with convenient access to all the major landmarks and popular locations in Dubai. The advantageous location makes it simple to commute and to fit in with Dubai’s exciting way of life. Residents of the creation can take use of nearby entertainment and recreation, as well as food and shopping options.

Creativity and modernism harmoniously mix.

The development appears as an oasis of quiet amidst the dynamic energy in the bustling town of Dubai, wherein creativity and modernism harmoniously mix. This unique villa neighbourhood encourages you to set off on a magnificent voyage of luxury and elegance with its creative layout that seamlessly combines environment and urbanisation.

Why Choose Oasis By Emaar

The Oasis by Emaar is located in a desirable area of Dubai. Four international golf courses are close by, enabling locals to indulge their enthusiasm for the game. The property is strategically situated just 20 minutes by car from downtown Dubai, giving residents instant access to the lively sights of the city.


Palm Jebel Ali Island is an artificial island off the coast of Dubai, UAE. It is part of the Palm Islands project, designed as a luxury residential and leisure destination. Development has been halted since 2008 due to economic factors. No recent updates are available.
Construction on the Palm Jebel Ali was put on hold shortly after the 2008 collapse of Dubai’s real estate market. At the time, just a small portion of the infrastructure was finished. Following a sharp increase in Dubai real estate prices, the project is currently being re-launched.
The breakwater that encircles the island is 98 percent complete, according to Sulayem. Prior to 2009, the Palm Jebel Ali project was postponed. The three fronds of the palm-shaped project are not yet clearly finished, according to satellite photographs.
Work began in 2001, and by 2004 the land and the necessary infrastructure had been established. Building work on the structures started in 2006.
The 7 million tonnes of rock that was blasted from the adjacent Hajar Mountains used as The Palm’s foundations rather than concrete slabs. Palm Jebel Ali Island was created through a land reclamation process. Sand and rock were dredged from the sea and deposited in a specific pattern to form the island. A breakwater was built for protection, and infrastructure like utilities and transportation networks were added. Landscaping and vegetation were also incorporated.
The size of Palm Jebel Ali Island is 13.4 square kilometers (5.2 square miles). It is twice the size of Palm Jumeirah and will add 110 kilometers (68.351 miles) of coastline to Dubai. The island will be home to over 35,000 families and will feature 80 hotels and resorts.
The island’s master design includes a water park, six marina berths atop 17 palm trees, a residential area with opulent homes, and numerous other recreational pursuits.
It can be a wise idea to purchase real estate in Palm Jebel Ali. The region is well-built and provides a variety of amenities. Property is in high demand, and prices are still fairly reasonable. Palm Jebel Ali is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a long-term investment.
Yes, Palm Jebel Ali Island is open to international visitors. However, there are some restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All visitors must have a valid visa and negative COVID-19 test result. They must also complete a health declaration form before arrival.


The Oasis by Emaar is located in a prestigious area of Dubai and is surrounded by upscale construction. Residents can indulge in their enthusiasm for golf thanks to the area’s accessibility to 4 international golf courses.

The Oasis by Emaar is situated in a prime location within Dubai, surrounded by high-end developments

The great the project’s first phase includes 5,100–8,400 square foot homes with 4 and 5 bedrooms.

Emaar developments are renowned for their strong returns on investment, which may be as high as 8% or more. We simply receive a lot of value on your cash. The developments’ opulence and comfort are unquestionably worth the steep price labels, and Emaar projects have a reputation for having extremely good returns on investment.

The Oasis is a self-sufficient neighbourhood with all the conveniences people require. The project should be finished in 2027.

Yes foreigners can invest in Oasis by Emaar community without any hassle.

The Next level real estate is available for your ease. By approaching them via call or visit their office you can get to know everything about purchasing property in the Oasis by Emaar.

There are versatile options for entertainment and shopping near the Oasis. For instance it is 20 Min far to Burj Khalifa, 15 Min far to DXB Airport, and 20 Min far to The Dubai Mall by drive.




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