What are Womens Rights in Dubai

womens rights in dubai

Emiratis do not elect leaders of state because the United Arab Emirates is not a democracy. However, the government started allowing men and women to register and run for the Federal National Council in 2006. (FNC). More individuals have gained the ability to vote over the years, and in 2015, close to half a million individuals cast ballots. It’s interesting to note that the majority of respondents were women.

Women in power in Dubai

The representatives of the different Emirates select half of the FNC’s 40 seats, while the other half are elected by voters. There were 330 candidates running for government in the most recent elections in 2015, and 20% of them were women. Eight more women were appointed, increasing the total number of women across the FNC to 20% after one woman won. The President declared that at least 1/2 of the FNC members should be women for the forthcoming 2019 election.

Women’s economic freedom in Dubai

Occupational liberties

In the UAE, women are legally entitled to equal pay for equivalent labour. They are allowed to pursue any career path they choose, including employment with the government, but only with the permission of their guardian, who is typically their father. In reality, women hold two-thirds of the positions in the public sector, and they make up about 40% of the total workforce.

Pregnant women are entitled to paid maternity leave, but the length of the leave and the amount of pay—full or partial—depend on the employer. There isn’t a formal paternity absence policy.

Women entrepreneurs in Dubai

Mariam Farag

In the United Arab Emirates, women are free to start companies, and in recent years, there has been a strong desire to support them. The discussion regarding women entrepreneurs around the United Arab Emirates is being driven by an increasing number of female-led entrepreneur organizations, such as Women. Currently, women-owned businesses make up 10% of the UAE’s private sector and 15% of the positions on the boards of all of the nation’s organizations of commerce and industry.

Rights to money and land

Women in Dubai are allowed to buy real estate and get a mortgage. In reality, a recent study revealed that women own 30% of the real estate in Dubai. Making a will is crucial for women, though, as Islamic law stipulates that different heirs are entitled to different percentages of the estate, which are greater for male heirs. Make your desires known in writing unless you want your assets distributed in the same way.

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Rights to reproductive and general health in Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, women have easy access to healthcare. Women have access to almost any type of therapy, and there are many general and specialized hospitals. In actuality, the maternal death rate in Dubai is comparable to that in the US at 6 fatalities per 100,000 live births. Except in very limited, difficult-to-prove circumstances, abortion is prohibited and unlawful.

Although Emirati women are generally enduring longer than ever, their lives aren’t always the healthiest. Obesity and vitamin D insufficiency are common in Emirati women, which can complicate pregnancy and other aspects of general health.

Women in the United Arab Emirates have educational privileges.

With their levels of literacy for both males and women of about 95%, Dubai is a highly educated country.

College students from the UAE

Including elementary and secondary schooling, women have access to all levels of education. After finishing secondary school, 77% of Emirati women participate in higher education. All university grads, 70% of whom are women.

In Dubai, women are free from abuse

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has approved the UN Declaration on the Complete Elimination of Every Kind of Violence Against Women and proceeds to place a high emphasis on gender equality. In spite of this, many of the government’s policies fall short of these standards.

Sexual assault and spousal abuse

Because Islam permits a spouse to reprimand or focus his wife and young children, domestic violence is acceptable in the United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately, when women call the authorities to report violence, the officers often don’t take the complaints seriously because they are viewed as private domestic issues. Wives must submit to their spouses. It is possible and has happened to accuse rape victims requesting assistance of engaging in illegal and criminalised illicit sex. The United Arab Emirates’ treatment of women’s liberties falls short of that of other nations’ cultures in this regard.

Please remember that even though Emirati law was influenced by Islamic law, it is binding on all citizens of the nation. Therefore, cases involving custody and divorce disagreements are managed in this context of unequal rights. It has also happened in upsetting cases where wives have charged their spouses of violence and their partners have responded by accusing the wives of slander or using vulgar language. Both parties have received punishment in these cases. Be sure to be aware of your rights as an immigrant and, regrettably, keep an escape plan in the backside of your mind.

Rules for divorce and family law in Dubai

family law in Dubai

The rules governing marriage, families, and divorce in the UAE can be contradictory and perplexing. In the Emirates, there are some notable inequalities to be aware of. Islam permits men to have up to four spouses as long as they can support each one equally. Men may additionally directly instantly divorce their spouses; in contrast, women must request a court order that is only granted in certain limited circumstances.

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What are the 5 things woman expats can’t do in Dubai?

In addition to a wide variety of rights, there are a few matters that foreign women cannot do in Dubai. Let’s examine them now.

  • It is important to respect Islamic customs, such as refraining from eating, drinking or smoking in public places during Ramadan.
  • Wear offensive or seductive attire.
  • Women who are younger than 18 couldn’t get married. They need a guardian’s permission to get married once they turn 18 or older.
  • PDA should be kept to a minimum, such as holding hands; kissing and cuddling should be avoided. (Both Men & Women)
  • It’s against the law to use drugs or drink in public.
  • Disrupting the peace, using foul language, making lewd gestures, or disrespecting Islam or its leaders in any manner are all prohibited and could result in legal action.




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