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Dubai attracts various foreign and local investors, because it has lots of Free Zones, and is also a very popular tourist destination. The UAE is one of the most sought-after travel destinations due to its economic and political stability, religiously and culturally tolerant people, and a variety of events and activities. 

Dubai is an ideal destination for investors due to its robust infrastructure, diverse choice of accommodations, and a compelling range of events and activities that cater to all age groups and people with diverse interests. The beautiful landscapes, along with deserts, oases, mountains, valleys, beaches, and rich aquatic and marine flora and fauna, add to the city’s charm, making it an ideal place to reside in. 

The country offers plenty of payment plans and opportunities for buyers and investors looking to own properties or off plan villas in Dubai.

Post-Handover Payment Plan

A post-handover payment plan is a frequent method of paying for real estate. As the name implies, payments begin in instalments after the property is given over and continue for a period of 3 to 10 years. However, before getting the property, the investor must pay a specified proportion of the property’s value. This payment method is advantageous to both investors and end customers. It enables investors to rent out the property and use the rental income to make payments, while end-users can live in their homes without having to pay the full amount.

  • The 10/90 Rule

The 90/10 rule is another, more aggressive type of post-handover payment method. This is commonly offered by developers for off plan villas in Dubai. The 10/90 scheme compels investors to pay 10% of the property’s value before they can purchase it. Following the transfer, they would be expected to pay 90 percent of the property’s value in instalments agreed upon by both parties. This payment plan, which is popular among investors, allows them to add the property to their investment portfolio while continuing to make payments.

  • Rent-to-own Payment Plan

In the UAE, an interesting payment plan aimed at end consumers is now available. Rent-to-own payment plans, which are popular in many nations throughout the world, are a handy and efficient way to become a homeowner. Both parties sign a contract specifying the period and amount, and rent is then paid straight towards their down payment. Because the down payment is added on top, the rent will typically be more than the average market rent. 

Under this payment model, a tenancy contract for a set number of years is signed between the landlord and renter. This payment plan has a higher annual rent than the market price. According to this agreement, if both parties successfully meet the contract’s requirements, the tenant will become the buyer of the aforementioned property in Dubai.

  • Payment in Installments

Depending on the developer and the project, there are many different versions of this payment plan available across the country. Every plan has a different ratio, ranging from 50/50 to 60/40 to 80/20 and more. This payment plan is divided into two stages: during construction and at handover. 

This payment procedure is usually offered by developers during the construction process, allowing clients to make payments over time before obtaining the rights to the property. The clients would also have the option of obtaining a mortgage to settle the balance owed. This allows them to pay in instalments while still owning their property, albeit to a bank rather than the developer.

Various Payment Benefits for Off Plan Villas in Dubai

Along with the beautiful amenities that the country provides for off plan villas in Dubai, it also offers a wide array of payment options that help buyers make a sound decision to own the property. Following the pandemic, the UAE offers customer-friendly payment procedures that are simple to manage and easy on the pocketbook.

Lenient Payment Policies

Banks are offering lenient lending policies. The government is planning to increase its lending policies in order to support investments. This will help the economy grow and allow more people to access credit, and support more investment in the Dubai property market.

If you have saved enough for the off plan villas in Dubai, you will have to use real estate loans to pay for the remainder of the property, which will be essential for your stability.

Access to Loan

In Dubai, there are some fantastic payment options for first-time investors. A larger loan to value on a mortgage might benefit both Emiratis and expats. This also applies to off plan villas in Dubai.

Real estate financing systems are designed specifically to assist buyers who want to achieve their dream of owning off plan villas in Dubai but do not have enough funds to pay cash, effectively acting as loans to buyers.

Reasonable Property Prices

Following the pandemic, the UAE provides affordable property pricing with incredible deferred payments. Investors can now enjoy immediate ROI and gains from income-generating properties without compensating for capital gains. This will result in greater benefits for international investors.

Multiple Payment Options

Once you’ve decided on the type of property that appeals to you the most, you may contact a reputable realtor to schedule a tour and choose from the multiple payment options offered.

  • Cash

It will be a financially wise move to buy off plan villas in Dubai with as much cash upfront as possible. This is because you will avoid long-term debts as much as possible. However, the high cost of purchasing an off plan property may only be bearable if the buyer has a significant level of liquidity.

  • Mortgage

If you do not want to commit a large sum of money to the purchase of the property, acquiring financing is a fantastic option. There are many factors that affect your mortgage eligibility and approval, such as your credit score, your property’s net worth, etc.

The mortgage comes with easy and affordable payment plans with repayment options available for about 25 years. However, with a mortgage plan, there is a lot of paperwork associated, and it’s heavily dependent on your credit score.

  • Instalments

As previously stated, instalment payment plans are separated into percentages paid at various phases of the length of time till handover. This type of payment plan is frequently seen in the following ratios: 9:30, 20:80, 40:60, 50:50, 60:40, 70:30, 25:75, and so on. These are not set ratios and differ from one developer to the next.

  • Rent

If you like a ready-to-move-in property, you can rent it for a set period of time with the opportunity to buy the house before the lease term expires. It is an ideal option for first time buyers who do not want to financially drain themselves for owning a property. However, the rental property prices may be higher than the market value.

Even if the rent payment has been replaced by monthly instalments of real estate financing, the completion of a business that resulted in the purchase of the property itself offers both satisfaction and tranquillity.

Real Estate Investments 

Real estate investment is an intriguing option for many people all over the world, but it can also be daunting and perplexing at times. Next Level assists clients at all stages of their investment, ensuring a smooth transition into homeownership. Our professional mortgage experts offer a variety of services to all prospective clients. 

We connect you with numerous banks that have comparable offers, and check all documents and procedures for your peace of mind. We can walk you through a convenient process of determining the best payment option for your preferable off plan villa in Dubai.

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