Why Foreigners Investing in Keturah Reserve’s AED 3 Billion Project?

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, November 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MAG, the UAE’s premier real estate developer, has announced the launch of Keturah Reserve, an exclusive and creative new luxury residential complexes in Meydan, one of Dubai’s most sought-after residential districts, for AED 3 billion. The project provides transformational living through space design and is the Middle East’s first residential development to immerse residents in nature through the ‘Bio Living’ concept, which incorporates nature into the built environment to improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of its occupants. Keturah Reserve is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2025.


The project is the first in the Middle East to propose residential ‘Bio Living,’ or a natural lifestyle. Keturah Reserve will have one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments and luxury villas for sale. The project will include a broad spectrum of amenities like large public areas, an outdoor pool, women’s and men’s gyms, spas, restaurants, and healthcare services.

Keturah Reserve will also feature a pilates studio, a water bike pool, silk rope lessons, rooftop meditation and yoga spaces, all of which are intended to strengthen the body’s core from the inside out. This will attract all health-conscious foreigners who are interested in living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Keturah Reserve is a location to care for one’s inner self, inspired by the concept of “from the inside out.” All amenities, activities, and food and beverage services have been carefully selected with this in mind.

The Park, a lushly manicured place spanning 300,000 square feet for inhabitants to recover and socialise, is at the centre of the project, shaded by thousand-year-old olive trees gathered abroad as a reminder of the Al Gaddah family’s beginnings as olive tree growers and plantation owners.

AED 3 billion exclusive and innovative new luxury residential development in Meydan

The residences in Keturah Reserve are designed to capture and maximise natural light, gently diffusing it throughout the interior without creating heat or glare. Interior areas with two volumes boost the flow of naturally cooled air, minimising the demand for air conditioning. The open-plan areas are also devoid of corridors or hallways, with custom-designed furniture and fittings built for each space to optimise circulation flow.

Charlie Wu, the renowned architect, designed Keturah Reserve, which is part of the new premium real estate and hotel company Keturah.

“Keturah Reserve is uniquely conceived and planned with every aspect crafted precisely to elevate and improve the living standards of its residents,” said Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah, Senior Executive Chairman of MAG. The project embodies luxurious living with a genuine feeling of community.”

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Keturah Reserve is an excellent choice for single professionals, couples, families with children, and those looking to live close to Dubai’s dynamic neighbourhoods, because the development’s property includes a children’s park, a nursery, a clinic, and the Art School, acquiring a residential unit in 

Furthermore, you will also have the option of renting a property in Mega Development Meydan Keturah Reserve by MAG Group for the highest returns. The average return on investment (ROI) for a 4-bedroom Keturah Reserve townhouse in the Dubai Meydan community is 7% and is expected to remain consistent due to the neighbourhood’s development.

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