Dubai Announce: World Largest Ocean Restoration Project

Largest ocean

Anything new in Dubai, you are probably wondering? There are a lot of exciting new projects in the works for Dubai, but in the interim, the city is simply planning to set yet another world record. This is not surprising, given that Dubai has already transformed its land becoming an artistic wonder, as it has now turned its attention to the coast.

How’s that, you could be asking yourself. Dubai intends to create the largest floating ecological lab for marine restoration and ecotourism in the world, maybe setting an additional record in the process! The title of the global record is Dubai Reefs!

Let’s embark now that we’ve got all the necessary details.

What is the purpose of the Dubai Reefs project, and what can we anticipate?

A sustainable floating town that might involve dedicated to marine study, regeneration, and ecotourism, Dubai Reefs is not merely another world record. This is being done in an effort to protect Dubai’s maritime and coastal ecosystem more effectively.

Additionally, Dubai Reefs will feature apartment buildings, shops, eco-lodges, wave farms, and ocean farming. Oh, and just in case we forgot to mention it, the whole endeavour will be powered entirely by renewable energy sources including hydropower and solar energy. You may not agree with me, but my head absolutely blown!
For the emirate’s a growing population, these tidal fields will also provide more clean energy. Regenerative ocean farming, a method of environmentally friendly food production, is another important aspect of the project. – Yes, Dubai is making every effort!

Over 200 square metres, that’s right, 200 square metres, would be covered by this artificial reef. And what’s even better is that this coral reef is going to be populated to 100 million mangroves and over 1 billion corals. All of this contributes to Dubai’s ambitions to become a greener, more sustainable city.

The project’s focal point will be the marine institution, which will seek to better safeguard Dubai’s marine and coastline environment.

It aspires to develop the most diversified artificial reef, encompassing 200 square kilometres, while advancing Dubai’s aquatic research and preservation capabilities. More than a billion coral and a billion mangrove trees are also expected to find a home there.

Key Elements

The project will provide distinctive maritime ecotourism experiences through a variety of floating eco hotels, all of which are entirely powered by renewable energy sources like solar and hydropower. Among these are wave farms, which will also generate more renewable energy for Dubai’s expanding population.
Another important aspect of the initiative is sustainable ocean farming, a method of food production that is favourable to the environment.

More than 30,000 new employment in the sustainable economy will be accommodated by this initiative, according to URB, the project’s developer. The kids who want to work in this industry will also have access to educational institutions and hospitality places.

Overall, Dubai Reefs wants to turn the Emirate of Dubai into an eco-destination in order to achieve a lovely balance among the city and the ocean! Its objective is to unite economic, social, and environmental benefits for the area under one roof. Isn’t that wonderful?

Due to Dubai’s rapid development, when the artificial reef invites residential developers, off-plan listings should start. Dubai Reef is currently in its first phase
of development.





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