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Individuals from every corner of the world who are wanting to invest or launch enterprises are drawn to the UAE by its robust economy and welcoming business environment. By creating a unique investment-driven visa programme that enables investors to build a brighter future for their loved ones as well as their businesses, Dubai welcomes and supports those individuals.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy life in Dubai while making financial investments in one of the most intriguing cities in the entire globe? To learn how to submit an application for an investor visa in the UAE, keep reading!

An individual may reside and conduct business in Dubai being an investor with the help of a Dubai investor visa, which is a form of residency visa. A person usually needs to spend a sizable sum of money in a Dubai company or piece of real estate in order to be eligible for an investor visa. Depending on the sort of investment being made and the unique laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates, there may be different criteria for acquiring a Dubai investor visa. (UAE).

Foreign people who aspire to establish their own company in Dubai or contribute to an existing one should use the Dubai investor visa. Holders of the Dubai investor visa may reside and work in the UAE and sponsor family members.

In addition, Dubai is anticipated to implement a fresh set of regulations designed to streamline the application process for licences and permits and shorten the turnaround time for various administrative procedures. Fresh special economic zones will be established as part of one of the programmes in order to draw specific forms of international investment, such as those in manufacturing, financial services, and technology.

The UAE introduced the Golden Visa in 2019 to make it possible for investors to file for long-term tenure in the nation. The implementation of this scheme, along with the consistently high ROI and appealing property market of the nation, has demonstrated to be a significant draw for luring real estate investors. For real estate owners, there are currently two long-term visas available. Want to file for an investor visa for the UAE? We have gathered all the information you require.

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What sorts of visas are available?


Foreigners are now able to work, reside, and study in the UAE without the need for a local sponsor. Learn more about the criteria for an investor visa in the UAE by reading on.

A 10-year investor visa Dubai

  • If all of the properties are in Dubai and have a valuation of at least 2 million AED, then more than one property may be registered in the applicant’s name. (Valuation not accepted).
  • If the property is mortgaged or covered by an installment plan, the creditor or developer must get at least 2 million AED of its worth. To proceed with the Visa application and mortgage statement, a NOC document and the amount collected from the mortgage are required.
  • A resident of the UAE is required.
  • Couples are allowed to jointly own one piece of property. (marriage certificate is required attested from MOFA and legally translated to arabic).
  • Partnerships in real estate are not recognized, with the exception of instances involving husband and wife.

A 5-year investor visa 

If they meet the requirements for this kind of visa, real estate investors may also file for a 5-year residency permit in the UAE.

  • The owners are responsible for making sure the money is not lent.
  • The possession of the land must also be kept for a minimum of three years.
  • Investors are required to put money into a property valued at least AED 2 million.
  • To be eligible to file for this visa, applicants must have AED 2 million in cash, even if their properties are mortgaged.
  • After receiving a visa, they must keep their assets for a period of at least two years.
  • The property investor visa permits partners and minor children to live in Abu Dhabi.
  • Given that they adhere to the pertinent rules and regulations, the visa holder now has the authority to sponsor a domestic helper.
  • Investors in real estate are required to present their financial history (single or combined) or documentation of real estate value at least AED 2 million.
  • Investors must also provide evidence of their mortgage situation (Mortgaged or Released).

A 2-year Investor Visa

  • If the property is mortgaged, a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the bank or developer is needed, along with the property mortgage statement, and it must indicate the entire paid amount and the remaining amount.
  • What paperwork must be submitted to the UAE in order to qualify for a 2-Year Investor Property Visa?
  • You must submit the following documents with your application if you want to support a family in Dubai:
  • When the title deed is issued for real estate in Dubai, the value of the property mentioned therein must be at least 750,000 AED. (other emirates & DIFCA are not accepted).
  • Legible copies of passports (Passport valid more than 6 months).
  • Previous Emirates ID (If applicable).
  • A picture of the applicant that is of good quality and adheres to the ICP requirements(Note: Please find the personal photo guidelines to be followed set by Federal Authority for Identity Citizenship, Customs & Port Security here.)
  • Health coverage (from any insurance company in UAE).
  • The Dubai Land Department was given a certificate of excellent conduct and behaviour by Dubai Police. (for residents, use the Dubai Police mobile app; for non-residents, please visit the Dubai Police station in Port Rashid).
  • National IDs are required for applicants from the following nations: (IRAN – PAKISTAN – IRAQ – LIBYA – AFGHANISTAN).

Property Investor Visa Dubai – Rules

home in dubai

Now that you are aware of the fundamental conditions and prerequisites, you can apply for a real estate investment visa. With regard to the realty visa for Dubai, the following minor specifics apply:

  • The sort of property will also affect your investment. It is advised to get in touch with the Expert agent of Next Level Real Estate to learn more about the kinds of properties that qualify for long-term permits.
  • The expenditure ought to be done in a house that can be occupied.
  • An investor visa will not be granted for any real estate that is still being built, is in dispute, or isn’t available.
  • To be eligible for an investor visa, the property must also not have been deemed unsafe by the officials for any reason.
  • In Dubai, the house must also be in a private neighborhood, and you must be the legal owner. You are not really the legal owner if the house is in the leased region. In this situation, it must state how long you are renting the place for.
  • Apartments, serviced apartments, townhomes, villas, offices, hotel rooms, hotel apartments, and warehouses are among the assets that are eligible for an investor visa.
  • Off plan property, leasehold property, and disputed property are on the list of types of property that are not suitable for a real estate visa.

Top Things to Consider Getting Property Investor Visa Dubai

  • It is crucial to ponder some updates to the visa rules for investors because the UAE’s business visa regulations are constantly changing.
  • The Abu Dhabi Citizens Office introduced special business advantages for holders of golden visas in March 2022. Investors will now be qualified for discounts on automobiles, medical services, real estate, lodging, financial services, and health insurance policies both inside and outside the UAE.
  • The UAE previously introduced the Thrive in Abu Dhabi initiative which entices foreign investors to engage in crucial industries in the nation’s capital. Investors may qualify for a 10-year citizenship in Abu Dhabi under this scheme.
  • To make it easier for investors to establish commercial operations in the UAE, the country’s immigration rules have undergone an unprecedented shift. Investors who make investments in the UAE may qualify for citizenship under the nation’s new citizenship legislation.
  • It is not required to invest in a particular asset worth AED 2 million. Three parameters with a combined value larger than or equivalent to the minimum amount are the most you can invest in.
  • Once you’ve paid off the AED 2M mortgage, you are also qualified for a Dubai real estate investor visa for the mortgaged home.
  • A joint owner of a building must have a share worth AED 2 million in order to qualify for an investor visa.
  • When a husband and wife jointly own property, a certified legal document should be presented as proof in addition to the other documents required to file for a property investor permit in Dubai.
  • These UAE family visa regulations must be deemed by those who wish to sponsor families as they also apply to obtaining long-term visas.

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Fees for the Property Investor Visa Dubai

Depending on the sort of visa you’re applying for, the cost of a property investor visa in the UAE varies.

Service Fees for 2 year Investor Visa is as follows:

  • 9,953 AED in total
  • 2 years for a family visa
  • Husband 6,832.25 AED
  • Daughter who is older than 18 6,832.25 AED
  • Minors under the age of 18 6,132.25 AED
  • Son over the age of 18 8,832.25 AED, for just one year
  • Husband 8,832.25 AED for just a single year
  • Opening a family visa file costs 318.75 AED.
  • 1 year for parents’ visas
  • 8,632.25 AED for just one year

How to Apply for Investment Visa in Dubai?

These measures must be taken by anyone wishing to apply for investment Visa in Dubai.

  • Online entry-permit applications.
  • You can register in person or online for the investor visa at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).
  • To get a medical fitness test, go to any government health facility. You can be asked to name the medical facility you wish to attend on the entry permit form.
  • NOC from your bank.
  • A bank account.
  • A Dubai Police Good Conduct Certificate.

Mandatory Paperwork to Obtained Investor Visa

What paperwork is required in the UAE to obtain an investor visa?

You must send the following paperwork and supporting documents to the relevant regulatory bodies for review:

  • A duplicate of your visa
  • A personal photo that complies with the governmentally set photo standards (size, background color, etc.)
  • MoA (memorandum of association)
  • An account summary (for the past six months)
  • Accreditation documentation with the relevant regulatory body’s certification.
  • Patent proof
  • A current business license
  • A visa for entry into the country and an Emirates ID

Top benefits of having an investor visa Dubai

Benefits of investor visa

The following are the main advantages of buying in Dubai:

  • You are allowed to live anywhere in the nation.
  • In addition to other emirates, Dubai allows you to establish a bank account.
  • In Dubai, you can get your driving license without a hassle.
  • In Dubai, you can work as an educator.

The overview of the UAE property investment visa is now complete. There are many residence visas that guarantee a protracted stay, similar to investor visas. If you get one, be careful to check the authentication of your UAE investor visa.


How to apply for a property investor visa in Dubai?

NOC letter along with bank statement is prerequisite to apply for the investor visa in Dubai

What is the Minimum Investment to get an Investor Visa?

A letter from the investment fund and a minimum deposit of AED 2 million (about USD 550,000) into an approved investment fund in the UAE are required. A corporation must have a minimum investment of AED 2 million (about USD 550,000) and a current commercial or industrial license.




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