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Nothing beats the vibes you get while living in one of the world’s leading cities, like Dubai. While living in such a city, owning one of the penthouses in Dubai can be a better choice. Dubai is the largest emirate in the UAE and one of the leading tourist attractions in the world, where tourists come from around the world. Visitors and investors are amazed by Dubai’s rapid growth, coming to it from every big & small part of the world. The majority of its residents are foreigners making Dubai a global metropolis. Although deeply deep-rooted in Arabic and Islamic culture, Dubai is an enlightening mixture of different cultures and heritages. Dubai Penthouses for sale are the perfect option for those who want to enjoy the beauty of this amazing emirate. Penthouses for sale in Dubai offer residents a big city life accompanied by all the luxuries this big city has to offer, along with the privacy and security of a comfortable and cozy environment. Dubai penthouses are different from an ordinary house or apartment in many aspects, such as amenities, size and features. Known for their spacious sizes and stylish structures, most Dubai penthouses are pretty spacious and have more oversized bedrooms, terraces, and balconies. Some apartments for sale in Dubai will offer similar features, but there is a difference. The most prominent part of a penthouse is a house in the sky as if one was living amongst the clouds and stars. It also offers the best mesmerizing views of the city from above and of the unequaled skyline. Economically speaking, buying a penthouse in Dubai is a better choice compared to buying a big house with a garden in terms of profit as an investment or living in it.

Advantages of buying penthouses in Dubai

The advantages of buying a penthouse in Dubai are as follows:

Spectacular Views


One of the main benefits of buying penthouses in Dubai is that they can enjoy spectacular views from there. This is one of the primary reasons why more people are now choosing to buy a penthouse in Dubai, and the costs of penthouses are ever-increasing.


Provision of Outdoor Space


In a densely populated and bustling metro like Dubai, having some sort of outdoor space is regarded as a luxury. Owning a penthouse gives you your own exclusive terrace space, which contributes to another advantage of buying penthouses in Dubai.

Status Symbol


Symbols of high status are not apparent at the street level, even if a person is rich and dressed in brand name stylish clothing. However, residing in ample housing high up in the sky, flaunting this, makes anyone stand out from the crowd of ground dwellers. As the owner of a penthouse, your status is automatically elevated, and you have a more excellent reputation in the market and in society as a whole.

Disadvantages of buying penthouses in Dubai

The disadvantages of buying a penthouse in Dubai are as follows:

Rooftop Accessibility

Situated at the top of buildings covering the whole floor area, penthouses are the only entry spot for development upkeep and building staff to access the rooftop. As a result, the penthouse owner needs to give accessibility as required, which can certainly have an effect on his or her regimen and level of privacy, plus it may take place more frequently than you imagine. So, consider that you should give accessibility when there’s an upkeep problem on your rooftop or for routine matters, such as when the glass windows require maintenance, cleaning, and the like.


Street Accessibility


Keep in mind that residing at the highest level of a building means taking you a lot longer to get to the ground level. There will be long delays for the lifts during peak hours; furthermore, be aware that in urgent scenarios, such as a fire, you need to allow more time for the first responders to reach you than some other residents in the building. Nothing is perfect because everything has some good and some bad. Still, if the management of your chosen building is more prone to respond quickly before any disaster occurs, you must trust them, enabling you to live peacefully in your home. So, to help you decide, we have listed these pros and cons for such properties to help you determine if it is worth living on the top of a building or is it too risky for you.


Crowd on Roof


The most frequent problem all penthouse owners face is people on the rooftop. People living in other apartments usually use the roof to arrange parties, events, or some formal occasions. This type of continuing annoyance infringes upon your privacy and isolation. So, it’s advisable to discuss the unique access to your roof for others with the community members or society to ensure the confidentiality of your house.




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