Renting In Sharjah: Short-Term Rentals Vs. Long-Term Rental


The UAE’s attractive features, such as good infrastructure, employment opportunities, tax-exempted salaries, sound stability, and robust law enforcement agencies, draw people from all over and position the region as an ideal living destination.

With the growing population density in the UAE, property owners have lucrative opportunities to profit from both short-term and long-term rentals. This detailed analysis of Short Term Vs. Long Term Rentals in Sharjah will explore the policies, advantages, and disadvantages associated with each rental strategy. We will delve into the probable costs and explain why renting in Sharjah could be the perfect solution for you, whether you’re considering short-term rentals Sharjah for transient stays or long-term rentals Sharjah for more permanent residence.

Finding Accommodation Through Renting In Sharjah

Located on the Eastern coast of UAE, Sharjah is a city which has been given the title of the cultural capital of the country due to the cultural diversity and fairly developed business areas in the region. A great variety of residential properties, including the opportunities to rent a flat in a modern hi-rise building or to rent a villa or a townhouse, are available for those who want to have comfortable

Accommodation options Sharjah.

From an upwardly mobile single working individual looking for an area close to business centers, a family looking for a home in a community-focused neighborhood or an expatriate in temporary residence in Sharjah, there exists a variety to fulfill their tenancy needs.

All About Short-Term Rental In Sharjah

When it comes to short-term lettings, people are allowed to let out a property for at least some days and up to several months. Best rentals in Sharjah are thus suitable for tourists, businesspersons and those who are in between houses and may not wish to get into a long-term tenancy agreement.

Who Is Short Term Rental Appropriate For?

This is because many visitors, including tourists and businessmen have temporarily timed stays. They also desire to have comfortable accommodation that has a home-like environment after they have attended their place of work or when they are tired of moving around sightseeing.

In order to provide for these tenants, the different types of fully furnished and equipped apartments suitable for short-term stay in the UAE include; temporary accommodation that entails furnished home vacation lets or hotel apartments.

The third finding is that short-term Sharjah rental trends are also popular among those individuals who are unable to afford a monthly cost of living through paying rent since the initial cost of long-term accommodation is on the high side. Additionally, individuals seek short-term accommodation in a certain country just upon arriving there, as it could take some time to search for temporary housing Sharjah.

Types Of Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals in Sharjah come in various forms, including:

Serviced Apartments

Fully furnished and serviced apartments, resembling hotel type properties that provide temporary lodgers with comfortable accommodation.

Holiday Homes

Houses for hire for short term stay which makes it easier for those wishing to reside temporarily in the area during their holidays or business.


Accommodating guests offering various rooms and services the hotels are designed for travelers who require temporary on-the-go satisfaction and services.

Pros And Cons Of Short-Term Rentals


  • Flexibility: Short-term rentals offer flexibility in terms of lease duration, allowing renters to adjust their stay according to their needs.
  • Lower Upfront Costs: With minimal upfront costs compared to long-term rentals, short-term accommodations are financially accessible to many renters.
  • Convenience: Fully furnished properties and inclusive bills make short-term rentals a convenient option for hassle-free living.


  • Higher Costs: Short-term rentals can be more expensive than long-term leases due to added conveniences and inclusive services.
  • Limited Availability: While popular in tourist areas, short-term rentals may be limited in certain neighborhoods, reducing options for renters.
  • Lack of Long-term Security: Renters may face uncertainty regarding future accommodation, as short-term leases do not provide long-term security.

Long-Term Rental In Sharjah

Long-term rentals involve leasing a property for a more extended period, typically Yearly rentals Sharjah or more. These rentals offer stability and security to tenants, allowing them to establish roots in a community and enjoy a sense of permanence in their living arrangements.

Which Clients Should Opt For Long Term Rentals?

Most of these businesses are on buildings that are preferred by individuals who come to the UAE with the intention of establishing long term residence saying that the country is an elegant society with all the facilities one would ever need.

The region’s strong position in the international Sharjah rental market can be attributed to UAE’s inviting elements for the investors, businessmen, and buyers. Closely examining the opportunities of the short-term rental Vs long-term rental format, it can be stated that each is profitable for both a tenant and the property owner.

Types Of Long-Term Rentals

Long-term rental options in Sharjah include:

  • Apartments: Ranging from cozy studios to spacious multi-bedroom units, apartments cater to individuals and families seeking urban living.
  • Villas: Standalone homes with ample space and privacy, ideal for families and those seeking a suburban lifestyle.
  • Townhouses: Multi-level residences sharing walls with adjacent units, offering a blend of community living and privacy.
  • Penthouses: Luxurious Apartment rentals Sharjah situated on the top floors of buildings, providing panoramic views and upscale living experiences.

Pros And Cons Of Long-Term Rentals

  • Stability: Long-term rentals offer tenants stability and security, allowing them to settle into a community and establish long-term connections.
  • Personalization: Renters have the freedom to personalize their living space, adding furniture and decorations to suit their preferences.
  • Lower Overall Costs: While upfront costs may be higher, long-term rentals typically offer lower overall costs compared to short-term leases.

Lack of Flexibility: Long-term leases require a commitment to a specific property for an extended period, limiting flexibility for renters.
Responsibility for Bills and Furnishings: Tenants are responsible for utility bills and furnishings in long-term rentals, adding to ongoing expenses.
Maintenance and Repairs: Renters may be required to cover costs associated with property maintenance and repairs during the lease period.

Cost Considerations For Rentals In Sharjah

In Sharjah, rental prices vary depending on factors such as location, property type, and amenities. Here’s a breakdown of average annual Renting apartments in Sharjah, villas, and townhouses:


  • Studio Apartment: AED 25,000 – AED 40,000
  • 1-Bedroom Apartment: AED 30,000 – AED 55,000
  • 2-Bedroom Apartment: AED 40,000 – AED 80,000
  • 3-Bedroom Apartment: AED 55,000 – AED 100,000


  • 3-Bedroom Villa: AED 60,000 – AED 120,000
  • 4-Bedroom Villa: AED 80,000 – AED 150,000
  • 5-Bedroom Villa: AED 100,000 – AED 200,000


  • 2-Bedroom Townhouse: AED 40,000 – AED 70,000
  • 3-Bedroom Townhouse: AED 50,000 – AED 90,000

Moving-In Expenses

When renting a property in Sharjah, tenants should budget for additional expenses, including:

  • DEWA Deposit: AED 2000
  • Security Deposit: Equivalent to 1-2 Monthly rentals Sharjah
  • Agency Fees: 2-5% of annual rent
  • Moving Costs: AED 800 – AED 4500

Short-Term Vs. Long-Term Rentals: Which Is Right For You?

Choosing between short-term and long-term rentals depends on your individual needs, preferences, and circumstances. Here’s a summary to help you make an informed decision:

Consider Short-Term Rentals If You:

  • Are in Sharjah temporarily or exploring the city.
  • Prefer the flexibility of Short-term lease Sharjah durations.
  • Seek convenience and fully furnished accommodations.
  • Want to test out different neighborhoods before committing long-term.

Consider Long-Term Rentals If You:

  • Plan to stay in Sharjah for an extended period.
  • Value stability and long-term security in your living arrangements.
  • Prefer the option to personalize your living space.
  • Seek lower overall rental costs and are ready to commit to a Long-term lease Sharjah agreement.

How Is Long Term Rental Fee Paid In UAE?

In the UAE, a long-term rent is typically paid in a single cheque, which can be an individual or company; however, if you prefer multiple cheques, this is also possible. The other option is that through a single cheque option where you are required to pay the entire rent amount for the whole year in one cheque.

Why Is Renting A Property Beneficial In The UAE?

Many people in UAE prefer to rent in the region rather than purchasing a house due to seeking better job offers or simply a better standard of living.
It is much more advantageous compared to the previous option of purchase because you can control all aspects of your home from the unit to the interior with no restraint. It is worth mentioning some of the Short-term rental benefits Sharjah and Long-term rental benefits Sharjah.

It also means that you have the freedom to alter the type of your unit whether with a view of having a large sized property or a smaller one with more intimacy.
In addition, you do not have to worry about having a permanent address to your place of living as you can move from one place to another as you wish.
This is easily explained by the fact that people can easily move from one place to another due to changes in their workplace.
Highmore also explains that you can select the particular unit conveniently in terms of pricing for you.


Short Vs long-term rentals Sharjah offers a range of options to suit diverse lifestyles and preferences. Whether you opt for a short-term rental for flexibility and convenience or a long-term rental for stability and security, Sharjah’s rental market caters to various needs. By understanding the pros and cons of each rental option and considering factors such as Cost of renting in Sharjah, duration, and personal preferences, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your lifestyle and goals.





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