Tips on how you can save DEWA bill in Dubai

DEWA bill

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) makes sure there is a sufficient supply of these two essential resources, but it is up to you to control your consumption. Your water and electricity expenses will increase as the weather warms up. You can quickly start saving money if you keep an eye out for indications that you might be using more energy than you actually need. Do you want to know how to lower your monthly spending? We’ve put up a helpful list of suggestions to assist you in lowering your DEWA bill and monthly cash spends.

How to reduce your DEWA bill in Dubai?

In order to save the environment and save your hard-earned money, it’s crucial to utilize electricity wisely. When it comes to encouraging sustainable development, the UAE is a world leader. The government has created residential and business projects as well as a number of energy-saving initiatives. One of the best examples of the government’s attempts to increase energy efficiency is the Sustainable City in Dubai.

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Therefore, it is our responsibility as citizens to contribute to this effort. You can achieve this by paying attention to these advice on how to lower your water and electricity costs.

Configure your thermostat for Air Conditioning

Setting the thermostat for your air conditioner to 24°C or above is strongly advised, according to DEWA. Increases in set point temperature can reduce AC usage by up to 5% for every degree they are raised.

Instead of solely relying on your air conditioner if you still feel the heat, you can purchase circulation fans.

Additionally, DEWA advises that the ideal lifespan of an AC is ten years on their website. If you are older, think about replacing them with more recent AC units that have received four or five stars from the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). By doing this, you can reduce your cooling demand by up to 25%.

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A programmable thermostat for air conditioning can help avoid temperature buildup (and mould formation) while saving nearly half the cost. Your air conditioner will turn on for just long enough to maintain a comfortable temperature whether you are at work or on a vacation.

Be Conscious of the Peak Load Hours

Dubai uses the most electricity between 12:00 and 6:00 PM during the summer, according to DEWA. Peak-load hours are when this particular period occurs:

Limiting the usage of non-essential appliances during these hours is a crucial advice for cutting costs on electricity in Dubai. You can also avoid using electric ovens, water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, and other appliances during these peak hours.
Air-Dry Your Clothes
Drying your clothing in the air is another technique to significantly reduce your utility costs. Drying clothes on a line uses less electricity, saving money. Additionally, drying laundry on a line saves energy. According to studies, line drying greatly reduces carbon footprint. To hang things to dry:

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Pick out the appropriate tools. The best option might be cording with a vinyl coating. Old ropes should not be used since they may dry rot in the sun and shed fibers into the fabric.
Before hanging your clothing on a line, give it a quick wipe with a towel. It’s preferable to shake each item to remove any wrinkles or unbundled plackets.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting and Appliances

Choosing more energy-efficient lighting is a good way to reduce your utility costs in Dubai:
You have a huge selection of energy-efficient bulbs to pick from. One prominent choice is compact fluorescent lighting (CFL).
To fit every household or commercial environment, halogen incandescent, CFL, and LED light bulbs are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors. These lamps use a lot less energy than conventional bulbs.

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Similar to this, if you already have obsolete appliances, it may be time to replace them with more up-to-date models that use less energy. The energy-efficient and intelligent electronics are available at several incredible electronics retailers in Dubai.

Utilize Water Efficiently

By using water wisely, you can save your energy costs in Dubai significantly each year:

  • Water your plants before 8 in the morning and after 6 in the evening.
  • Avoid watering your plants on cold days
  • Always put a full load while using the washing machine.
  • Wash the dishes all at once
  • Fix a leaky toilet or cistern to prevent water wastage
  • Utilize a low-temperature setting or cold water if possible
  • Install faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads. Aerators minimize the amount of water dripping from the faucet while low-flow showerheads reduce water use by 70%.
  • In the summer, turn off the water heaters because the water is already hot.
  • Install modernized toilet types in your bathroom. They use a dual flush system, which over time helps them save money and water.

Take off your Electrical Appliances to reduce your Electricity Bills in Dubai

Effective use of electrical gadgets is crucial if you wish to reduce your DEWA bill:

  • Remember to switch off the oven five to ten minutes before the allotted time and to pre-heat it for five to eight minutes before putting the bread in. The remaining cooking will be completed by the heat retained inside the oven.
  • Use electric pans or microwaves to reheat small meals because they use less energy.
  • Utilize high-pressure cookers if you can. When compared to conventional cookers, they use less energy.
  • LED lights should be used instead of regular bulbs. Since LEDs consume less energy, electricity costs can be dramatically decreased. This will have the effect of making your DEWA bill less expensive.
  • Always choose a washing machine that is energy-efficient. Less than 27 gallons are used in each load. 6,000 gallons of water can be saved annually.


That concludes our list of the best advice for cutting your DEWA cost in Dubai. Contact Next Level Real Estate if you have any further questions about Dubai’s regulatory body. Our team will give you an instant call back. You can also browse through smart and energy-efficient properties for sale in Dubai.

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