10 Tips to Know Before Buying Property in Dubai?

Property in Dubai

Dubai seems like one of those cities that never ceases to astonish visitors. The city’s proximity, large expatriate population, wealth, customs, and rich heritage are just a few of the reasons why many people are flocking to it. If you haven’t visited Dubai yet, Pack your bag. Dubai has a mesmerizing appeal, with its towering structures and beautiful sandy beaches. The contrast between the beauty of nature and they might have just civilization could not be starker as it rises to glisten from the barren plains. As we meditate on the magnificence of the city, we love and live permanently: Dubai, here is our ode to one of the world’s most renowned cities. Dubai Leasehold Areas are extremely important as they are captivating the sight of the people. The luxury apartments in Dubai are great for making a real estate investment. 

Dubai is a prime real estate market for investors, with a great deal of flexibility for sale, including houses and luxury properties. Many individuals have been wanting to engage in Dubai since the Dubai government amended the legislation to allow foreigners to buy residences and condominiums. Buying a home in Dubai for foreigners has many advantages, including a large potential for return on investment.

Investors should look deeper into Dubai real estate:

Real estate investors viewing an oversupplied Dubai property market with caution have been told to look again and see that current conditions can yield strong medium to long-term gains. Firas Al Msaddi, CEO of fäm Properties, one of the UAE’s biggest real estate brokerages, says buyers should be encouraged to enter the market today by price levels at their lowest for the last five years. Al Msaadi says the key for investors is to look beyond glossy brochures and websites and conduct thorough market research to get a clear picture of where and when to buy. He said: “On a daily basis clients are asking me, ‘Is the Dubai real estate market oversupplied? The answer is yes, there is weaker demand accompanied by a higher supply, and that’s why the prices are where they are.

“If demand was higher, prices would be double what they currently are, so today’s market offers great opportunities. Investors need to see previous marketing material they’re bombarded with and study the data that’s available in today’s open source market from the Government of Dubai.”

A real estate price index using Dubai Lands Department data highlights the rise and fall in villa and apartment prices between 2012 and the end of 2017.

Average villa and apartment prices per ft2 climbed to a peak towards the end of 2014 before falling close to 2012 levels at the end of 2017. 

Thousands of properties are open to future investment in Dubai. Villas, condominiums, apartment blocks, and single-family homes are examples. If you want to invest in a home in Dubai, you need to spend some time researching the various alternatives.

One of the best aspects of investment in Dubai’s property market is that there are numerous condos, villas, condos, and domestic types accessible to suit everyone’s needs. This also means that people aren’t obligated to accept houses that don’t fit their budget or tastes.

Price Index
Dubai Property Price Index

Dubai’s real estate market has also piqued the interest of international investors seeking high-return and high-income homes. These properties can be located in high-end areas like Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah Towers, and other well-known sites. Our real estate experts can also help you find the best home loan rates.

Types of properties in Dubai:

There are three categories of estates to explore for expatriates looking to buy a home in Dubai: 

  • Commonhold properties
  • Freehold properties
  •  Usufruct properties

Commonhold Properties:

Apart from handing it down as inheritance, commonhold homes sometimes include condominiums, and the owner of a commonhold building can sell or rent it out.

Freehold Properties:

The most popular types of land ownership in the city are freehold properties. Freehold landowners, like commonhold property owners, can purchase, lease, and even transfer their land as a legacy. Dubai Freehold areas can only be purchased from a developer who has been approved by the UAE government.

Usufruct Properties:

Usufruct properties are a type of long-term property lease. The rental is for a period of 10 to 100 years. During the rental period, you are allowed to do whatever you want with the property, but then you can demolish it.

Tips to know before buying the Property:

Dubai Property Guide

The tips which you should look for while buying a property in Dubai are listed below:

1. Calculate your budget: 

Don’t only examine the business’s worth; consider the overall cost of purchasing a real estate, including legal costs, deposits, and maintenance fees. If you need money, think about mortgage fees and how much you can manage to spend in monthly instalments over the course of the loan.

2. Understand why you want to buy: 

If you want to purchase a home for rent purposes rather than your own use, then these are two different things. If you’re looking to buy Dubai properties as a business, it is important to know what the current value is and what rental income you can anticipate.

3. Determine what you wish to purchase: 

Do you prefer a villa or an apartment? Do you prefer to live near the water or in the city? Are you looking for schools, public transit, eateries, and shopping malls? Answering these questions can assist you in making educated decisions while purchasing real estate in Dubai.

4. Pick an area that meets your needs: 

If you want to get a good return on your investment, seek home-buy Dubai homes in established districts like Dubai Marina, which are popular with tenants and have high demand. If you’re looking for a good investment, consider buying Dubai properties in areas like Dubailand, where prices have risen by more than 30% in recent years.

Select a dependable developer: When buying an apartment in Dubai, make sure the developer has an escrow account. Examine the developer’s track record as well. Is the construction of previous structures of good quality? Have all the projects been completed on time and on a budget? Are the common areas well-kept?

Here are the Top 5 Best Hottest OFF Plan Apartments in Dubai that have top-notch and world-class amenities and amazing opportunities for investment purposes.

6. Use a reputable agency: 

Verify that the agent is authorized by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). Ensure a real estate broker has a licence before hiring them. Inquire about their broker credentials and see if they have an RERA certification.

7. Look for local knowledge:

 Finding a broker with extensive local knowledge is critical because each area/community has its own set of issues. Work with someone who has a track record of selling properties in the region you want to buy in because they will understand the nuances of the location and can help you get the best deal.

8. Find out more about items that aren’t advertised:

 Service charges for the upkeep of communal areas such as gymnasiums, playgrounds, pools, and other communal spaces might be set at a fixed fee or vary based on the scale and location of the complex. This might be a big cost if you decide to buy a large property. Inquire about the average water and electricity (DEWA) bill for a comparable property.

9. Understand the law:

 In recent years, a slew of new regulations has been enacted, including mortgage limitations, off plan villas purchasing plans, and transfer and service charges. Keep up with the newest rules in order to make well-informed decisions while purchasing real estate in Dubai.

10. Understand the order processing: 

When acquiring a property in Dubai, you have two options: buy it off the plan from a builder or buy this from a reputable supplier. Visitors will need to produce a filled reservation form, their passport, and a reservation deposit, among other documentation, when purchasing off plan property. If you’re buying a “resale” property, you’ll need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the seller (MOU). You will need to take out a mortgage as the seller. As the purchaser, you will be required to take out a mortgage, which is typically equal to 10% of the house value, or whatever has been agreed upon. After receiving financing, the legal transference of ownership will take place.


Investing in real estate at such a lavish destination, as Dubai, is always fruitful for you. We have mentioned several tips for you that you should take into account while buying a property investment in Dubai in Dubai. Undoubtedly, Dubai is one of the countries in the whole Middle East Region that offers you diverse options to invest in real estate. Before investing in Dubai’s real estate, go through the tips and ensure each and everything about the property. Next Level Real Estate is one of the top-notch companies working in Dubai and offers you the property which is perfect for you in every aspect. We are counted among the best real estate companies and always value our customers regarding our services. Get your hands on the best real estate services in Dubai!

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