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DAMAC Lagoon

Burj Jumeirah

Burj Jumeirah

Located in Al Sufouh, Downtown Jumeirah, Jumeirah, Dubai, the Burj Jumeirah is a residential area that is currently under construction.

Across from Sheikh Zayed Road in Al Sufouh lies the incredibly tall structure. The sand dunes and oases of the UAE’s desert served as inspiration for its design. Digital displays for festivals and functions will be installed on the façade of the tower.

As a result of the tower’s numerous observation decks, guests may get a full 360-degree perspective of Dubai. Visitors can view pyrotechnics and other events, participate in extreme sports, and more from the topmost platform itself.

The Crown, a combined sky-restaurant and sky-lounge that may also be used to organize events, is located at an altitude of 450 meters.

The tower’s base, which is shaped like Sheikh Mohammed’s fingerprint, can hold a variety of social, cultural, and artistic activities and events. A sloped open amphitheater flanked by stores and restaurants is also included, as well as water fountains.

It will serve as the focal point of Dubai Holding’s expansive Downtown Jumeirah development, which will include numerous buildings.

The Heart of Europe

heart of europe

An archipelago of islands known as “The World” in Dubai is home to vacation houses, apartments, hotels, shops, dining establishments, and entertainment venues. It is one of the upcoming mega projects in dubai.

The Kleindienst Group is building a cluster of islands called “The Heart of Europe” in Dubai’s “The World” archipelago. When finished, it will contain a variety of retail, entertainment, and food and beverage establishments in addition to private vacation houses, apartment buildings, hotels, and floating palaces.

The developer intends to mimic the architecture, dining options, and entertainment of major European cities.

For the Heart of Europe initiative, Kleindienst first purchased eight islands, but he later chose to combine three of them into a single, sprawling complex in the shape of a city centre. It is one of those upcoming construction projects in dubai that are already on hyped.

Four of the islands were to have villas and the fifth to contain the retail and office elements. Since then the masterplan has changed from a design for tranquil residential islands into something more akin to Disneyland, offering attractions such as the First Underwater Hotel with Gym and Spa, the First Dedicated Wedding Hotel, the World’s First Artificial Rainy Street, the First Floating and Underwater Living Experience, and the World’s First Outdoor Snow Plaza.

A vertical hanging garden comprising 100,000 green plants to add to the hotel biodiversity by attracting bees, butterflies and birds whilst keeping the building cooler and reducing the hotels’ overall carbon footprint.

A one-kilometer stretch of Rainy Street with a climate control system that makes it rain on demand, keeps the air at a constant 27 degrees Celsius, and simulates the summer weather in southern Europe with five-kilometer winds and 60 percent humidity.

Right adjacent to Rainy Street, a rainforest with over 100 different varieties of exotic flora and palm trees will be planted. Additionally, the forest will feature a self sustaining irrigation system that uses reclaimed water, and rain would fall as needed to produce a cool microclimate. In Dubai, the rainforest will offer fresh, environmentally friendly entertainment and learning opportunities.

Five world-record-breaking developments are located in the five million square metre.

Meydan One

Meydan One

Meydan One is a newly proposed district in Mohammed Bin Rashid City. It will cover an area of five million square meters and is located on Ras Al Khor Road adjacent to Business Bay.

The ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, gave his assent before it was first made public in August 2015. Never content to overlook a press potential, Meydan revealed that the project will include five world-record-breaking developments, along with the greatest indoor ski slope, the ‘s biggest dancing waterfalls, the ’s highest residential complex, the ‘s tallest 360-degree observation tower, and the country’s highest restaurant.

The Meydan Group, a government-owned business that is also in charge of building the nearby residential developments as well as the current Meydan Racing Stadium, is building Meydan One. When construction is finished, the neighborhood plans to house more than 75,000 people in anticipation of Dubai’s projected population boom.

The 711-meter skyscraper “Dubai One,” the flagship of Meydan One, will be completed and will be the tallest residential structure in the world. It will have 885 apartments, a 350-room five-star hotel, the highest restaurant in the world (675 meters), and the highest 360-degree views of the city in the world (655 meters).

Dubai Creek Tower


Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai’s next project is the  hotel called Dubai Creek Tower which is being built in Dubai’s The Lagoons neighborhood’s Dubai Creek Harbour.

Similar to how the Eiffel Tower was for the 1889 Paris World Fair, the Tower was supposed to be the architectural focal point of the Dubai 2020 Expo. But it was late for the deadline.

The Tower, created by Santiago Calatrava of Spain, is expected to cost $1 billion. The structure’s main purpose will be architectural, but it will also have 20 usable levels at the top, which are enclosed in an egg-shaped bud and home to 10 viewing platforms, a hotel, eateries, a function space, and an interior garden. The illumination will portray the characteristics of a flower while the bud serves as a beacon of light at night.

In a global design competition amongst five of the best practices in the world, Santiago Calatrava’s creation came out on top. The structure will be anchored by a few of the longest steel cables ever used in a building project.

Unrestricted spectacular view of Dubai will be available from the observation deck, which also has spinning platforms that lead visitors outside.

Marsa Al Arab upcoming Dubai project

marsa al arab


One on each corner of the Burj Al Arab Hotel, there is a proposed premium tourist attraction featuring theme parks, boutique hotels, and entertainment. It is one of the most astounding upcoming building projects in dubai 2023″

Both sides of the Burj Al Arab Hotels will be a luxurious tourist destination called Marsa Al Arab. Two islands featuring amusement parks, upscale lodging, and entertainment venues will make up the entire thing.

Being part of a government’s 2020 aim to bring 20 million tourists to Dubai, the project is being constructed by Dubai Properties and the Jumeirah Group.

The two islands that make up Marsa Al Arab total 4 million sq . ft in area, and they will extend Dubai’s seafront by 2.2 kilometers.

The first island will be an exclusive luxury resort, while the second island will be dedicated to entertainment and family tourism. 

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