Getting a Mortgage to Purchase a Property in Dubai is Good Decision?


Dubai’s real estate market is one of the most appealing and profitable in the world. Dubai is home to some of the world’s most reputable and accomplished real estate development companies, like Next Level Real Estate, resulting in a slew of high-end and well-known developments.

One can find incredibly luxurious housing societies, towers, and ready to move apartments in Dubai that provide a dream lifestyle. Along with that, there are several architectural and planning marvels that include golfing societies, man-made lakes, and much more.

Given Dubai’s enormous potential as a property hub, it is understandable that its property prices are higher than in other UAE cities. One can be certain of getting the ideal lifestyle and attractive returns on investment, but they should also be prepared to pay a significant price for it. 

Choosing whether to buy a home with a mortgage or cash can be a difficult decision. As a result, we have produced a comprehensive guide that analyzes both possibilities so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing a house in Dubai.

Buying a Property on Mortgage vs Cash

There are numerous elements that can influence your decision to buy property with cash or with a mortgage. Both mortgages and cash purchases have perks and disadvantages. It all relies on your personal preferences, financial condition, and reason for buying real estate in  Dubai.

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Let’s compare cash versus mortgage purchases so you can make an informed decision based on your personal circumstances.

Benefits of Buying a Property with Cash

Saves Time

Cash purchases entail direct interactions with either the seller or the real estate agent. There are no lengthy formalities or third-party involvement. When you decide to get a mortgage, the process becomes much more difficult. Bank procedures, approvals, and other obstacles all contribute to the lengthening of the schedule for your house buying transaction. Cash home purchases save you both time and money.


There is no getting around the fact that mortgages are expensive. In comparison to cash purchases, mortgage purchases incur numerous additional charges, the most significant of which is interest. At the end of a house loan term, you will almost certainly have paid far more than the original purchase price of the property.

There may also be bank fees, processing fees, and closing costs associated with the transaction. An all-cash transaction eliminates the need for these extra payments, making it considerably easier on your wallet in the long term.

The Ability to Negotiate

One of the most significant disadvantages of purchasing a home with a mortgage is the loss of negotiating leverage. Because they know their budget and may haggle for a better price, cash purchasers have a higher chance of negotiating a real estate contract.

When deciding whether to buy a house in cash or with a mortgage, you must first qualify for the latter. This necessitates a plethora of documents and a slew of other red tape to wade through. Even so, there is no guarantee that you will be approved for the mortgage amount you requested. A monetary transaction will put an end to these annoyances before they begin.

Benefits of Buying a Property with Cash


Another factor to consider when evaluating mortgage vs cash choices is the difficulty of saving up a lump payment for an all-cash purchase. It could take years of saving to accumulate the cash, which could not even be enough if the property value rises over time. This process may be easier to accommodate if you have the required earnings for a property loan in Dubai.

Dubai Property Mortgage Stats

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This is one of the reasons why many expats obtain mortgages in Dubai to finance the purchase of a home. This enables them to purchase the house with an easy-to-manage home loan in Dubai. 

More Versatility 

There are numerous types of mortgages available in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Each of these house loans has a unique payment schedule and interest computation. So, if you decide to buy a home with a mortgage rather than cash, you have some leeway in selecting the term and fixed installments that work best for you.

In a cash vs. mortgage comparison, cash purchases do not give you that freedom. You either have the money to buy something or you don’t. Even if you have the entire money saved up, it’s a large cost that could leave the individual cash-strapped for other expenses and/or investments.

More Liquidity

The main downside of paying cash for a house is that it ties you up financially. With all of your money invested in a house, you may not have the financial flexibility to deal with other money-related difficulties.

It might be an emergency, an urgent travel plan, or a fantastic real estate opportunity that requires a down payment. Buying a house with a mortgage protects you from these potentially disastrous events. You obtain the property without jeopardizing your financial stability.

Is it a Good Decision to Get a Mortgage When Buying a Home in Dubai?

It depends on your personal situation and choices when comparing the pros and cons of buying property with cash vs financing. Before making a decision, you must examine a variety of aspects, including your reasons for purchasing property, age, finances, employment type, and plans for the future.

A middle-aged real estate investor, on the other hand, would choose to buy property with cash to keep maximum bargaining power and a speedy return on investment. In addition, a cash purchase yields higher profits than renting or selling a mortgaged villa or ready to move apartments in Dubai. In essence, this is one of those decisions that should be made based on what is financially advantageous for the individual at that point in their lives.





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