Tips For Overseas Investors About Property Management in Dubai

Property Management

In recent years, Dubai has become a center of expat settlement. A number of foreigners consider investing in Dubai’s ever-booming real estate, which is known worldwide for promising high returns. Investing in a dynamic real estate market also requires professionals having specified expertise in property management in Dubai.

Next Level Real Estate, besides suggesting properties that are among the best options for investment in UAE, also provides top-notch property management services. Below are a few tips that our experts so that you may choose the best firm that will manage your property in the most efficient way:

Things You Should Keep in Mind For Property Management in Dubai

  1. First of All, Do Research Yourself!

 Do analyze all the options available in the market before hiring a management firm for your property. The most significant thing you may consider while searching for the perfect property management company is their past performance with foreign investors. If a company has enough relevant experience in dealing with overseas property investors in Dubai, then it is good to go!

Consider visiting multiple property management companies to better understand what’s happening in the market. You need to collect as much information as possible before making any decision. After interviewing different options, go for the best one that offers the most refined package of services and has a good presence in the market.

  1. Look for Legality Management Services

Property investment in Dubai brings a number of complex legal formalities. Most Dubai property management firms also offer to look after your legal issues. An overseas investor can quickly get rid of all the headache by handing it over to a property management company. Giving the legal work to the respective firms can be a better option as they know how to efficiently tackle all the formalities due to their relevant experience in dealing with them.

  1. Go For The Company Having Extensive Networking

A property management company with a sizable network in the real estate market will help you get good-quality tenants. Getting better tenants is everything when it comes to getting good returns on your property investment in Dubai. The company’s networks are one of the most significant aspects you should consider before deciding what property management company you should go with.

Real Estate Market

Pro Tip: Do check out the social media presence of the property management company under consideration. This will help you to know the reality of a company’s networking correctly.

  1. Do Check Out If the Company Offers Maintenance Support Services

Consider hiring the company that, besides solving your tenancy and legal issues, also offers proper maintenance support services and work with you towards the goal of enhancing the value and portfolio of your property. Many property management companies also consider partnering with other maintenance companies. This will help in reducing the cost of the process and will result in giving you a better overall package.

  1. Also Look For Affordability

Do remember to check whether you can afford the cost of property management or not. Compare given costs of different Dubai property management firms to hire the company offering the best price. When getting quotes, expect the property management firm to ask for around 5% of the total rent you are collecting from the tenant. Some companies may also give you a quote of 10% but you may negotiate it closer to 5% if the services that are offered are super attractive. Any company asking for more than 10% should be eliminated.

  1. Meet Company’s Current And Previous Clients

Meeting the current and past clients of the Dubai property management company you are planning to hire will give you deep insights into the company’s performance. This will help you decide whether to finalize the company or not. Clients will tell you how the company deals with and whether they are actually genuine in their work or if they only advertise better.

Benefits That Hiring a Property Management Company Will Give You As An Overseas Investor

Property Management

  1. Time Management

Hiring a property management company helps you save your time and get multiple tasks done in less time than you can do alone. If you are the person who enjoys managing the property themselves, you will still need a property management company. This will help you expand your real estate investment in Dubai and browse more suitable properties.

     2. Better tenants

As mentioned above, a Dubai property management company will help you get a better tenant who will take care of your property, pay rent on time, and cooperate with other matters too. Better tenants also help build a good portfolio that will bring more trustable and good-quality tenants in future.

     3. Handling Issues That Can’t Be Done Being Far Away From The Property

As an overseas investor, your property will encounter a number of issues that can’t be handled being distant and requires you to be present at your property’s site. Hiring a trusted and experienced property management company will help handle these issues efficiently and quickly.

   4. Rental Price

Property Management professionals are fully aware of the price trends going on in the market. Thus, they can estimate the most accurate price for your property investment in Dubai and will bring you the highest returns you can ever imagine.

Experienced real estate professionals also use many different techniques and approaches that help in valuing the property correctly. That’s an important benefit you can avail by hiring a reliable property management company.


To sum up all the tips mentioned above for overseas investors, hiring a Dubai property management firm that provides the handiest range of services, from maintaining your property investment in Dubai to finding you the best tenants in town and solving all the legal matters, is the best decision you can ever make. For more guidance, you can contact Next Level Real Estate’s experienced property management experts team. We will surely help you out with all the trouble you are facing.

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