What are Rental Property Maintenance Expenses in Dubai?

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Fees for registering a real estate transaction in Dubai

When purchasing a residential property, government fees are paid to the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

Registration fees for home ownership:

A DLD fee of 4% of the property value (if the housing is purchased on the primary market, the developer pays 50% or the entire amount) + an administration fee (different for each of the four types of property):

– Residential real estate – AED 580 ($160) per unit;

– Commercial property – AED 580 ($160);

– Land plots – AED 430 ($120);

– Off plan properties – AED 40 ($10).

A Registration fee:

– For units cheaper than AED 500,000 ($136,130) – AED 2,000 ($544.5);

– For units priced over AED 500,000 ($136,130) – AED 4,000 ($1,089).

If the transaction involves a mortgage, there will be a mortgage registration fee. The charge is paid at the Dubai Land Department and is calculated as 0.25% of the loan amount plus AED 290 ($80)

When purchasing real estate on the secondary market in Dubai, a legal document is also necessary. This is a NOC (No Objections Certificate), which attests that the developer or management firm has no issues with the sale of the buyer’s property rights to the seller. This certificate can be issued for up to AED 5,000 ($1,360). Typically, the seller covers the cost.

Residential property maintenance expenses in Dubai

The owner of the housing is required to make monthly payments for the housing’s upkeep. For properties in freehold zones, the payments are based on the RERA Service Charge Index (the RERA Service Charge Index).

The RERA index has four major real estate categories: apartments, offices, stores, and villas. The Dubai maintenance fee applies to all property types in the city. These costs are levied per square meter and often range from AED 3 ($0,8) to AED 30 ($8). The amount is determined by the location, residential community, and building. There is a variation in the maintenance fees for apartments and townhouses. Please visit for the most up-to-date information on fees for a certain facility.

According to the Dubai Energy and Water Authority (DEWA), each person uses 130 gallons of water and 20,000 kWh annually. The fee varies based on the style of property; if the home has a garden and a private pool, the amount will be higher. In the summer, costs rise because residents use air conditioning more frequently.

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Dubai property utility bills

Water costs approximately AED 600 ($160) per month for apartments and AED 900 ($245) per month for villas. Air conditioning costs in regions with central air conditioning range from AED 257 ($70) to AED 440 ($120) in the summer and AED 147 ($40) to AED 257 ($70) in the winter.

The following expenses are added in a private home or villa: Tank cleaning costs range from AED 478 ($130) to AED 918 ($250) annually. Keeping up with the garden and cleaning the pool costs AED 3,670 ($1,000) annually.

What are rental property management fees in Dubai?

The property management fee is AED 5,000 if the rent for the property is less than AED 100,000. However, the property management fee is 5% of the rent if the rent exceeds AED 100,000. It means that on average, 2 to 5% of the monthly rent is required for residences.

How does rental property management work?

Property management in Dubai is in charge of a property’s daily operations, which include upkeep, repairs, security, and cleaning. The administration of leases, the collection of rent, and the resolution of tenant complaints may also fall under the purview of property managers.

Property management companies help in the renting, purchasing, and selling of real estate. These businesses are in charge of locating tenants and landlords, arranging agreements and transactions, handling rent payments and other costs, and keeping an eye on the maintenance of rented premises. Additionally, they aid in marketing and selling open houses to prospective purchasers. For people looking to make prompt or well-informed property-related decisions, property managers can be a useful resource.

How to maintain your rental property?

An effective strategy to find minor problems before they become significant, expensive repairs is to do proactive property inspections. For instance, seasonal maintenance of the HVAC system and gutter cleaning may enable you to save money.

Another duty of managing a rental property is to complete a move-in and move-out checklist with the tenant. It is easier to distinguish between normal wear and tear and abnormal damage if the condition of the house is documented both before the tenant moves in and at the end of the rental agreement.

Property Management Services in Dubai

  • Assist in property handover and snagging process
  • Evaluate your property’s justified current market rental
  • Effectively market your property for rent
  • Find and screen tenants
  • Prepare tenancy and relevant documentation
  • Tenancy Agreement / Ejari Registration
  • Rent Collection
  • Routine Inspection & Reports
  • Ensure with the tenant regarding timely payment of utility bills
  • Attend tenant’s complaint
  • Arrange Repairs & Maintenance works
  • Deliver Monthly Payment & Statement to you including copies of paid invoices.
  • Prepare Financial Statements
  • Lease Renewals and Rent Reviews
  • Final Inspection & End of Tenancy Matters
  • Prepare legal documents required by law under the Residential Tenancy Act by Rera
  • Legislation
  • Arrange Insurance for your property (as per your requirement)

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Rental Property Repairs

Article 16 of Law No. (26) of 2007 Regulating the Relationship between Landlords and Tenants states that, unless otherwise agreed, the landlord is responsible for all property maintenance. So, if there are any maintenance difficulties with your property, the landlord ought to be able to take care of them. Regardless of the agreement, tenants are often responsible for performing simple maintenance, such as changing light bulbs and repairing leaky faucets.

Large-scale repairs should be handled by the landlords. These include:

  • Electrical wiring
  • Smoke detectors, sprinklers, and fire alarms
  • Appliances using gas and venting
  • Water heaters
  • Plumbing
  • window treatments (screening off the balcony)
  • Ceilings and walls
  • Systems for heating and cooling
  • Rooftop and balcony
  • Stairs and floors
  • The garage and related mechanical spaces

What does Next Level Real Estate Provide you in Rental Property Management?

Next Level Real Estate has been the leading property management company in Dubai. The company excels in providing prompt, and professional property management services. To make your property into the greatest version possible, Next Level Real Estate first examines the property’s existing state and the repairs that are required. The knowledgeable staff at Next Level creates a report explaining all of the work that needs to be done to attract a sizable number of high-quality renters after evaluating all of your property’s advantages and disadvantages. The team will then start working on the wear and tear of your property, such as painting the interiors and exteriors, repairing ceiling leaks, cleaning the centralized air conditioning system, and all other urgent repairs, after getting your approval on all necessary maintenance.





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