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The best real estate investments are always those that have passed the snagging test, often known as building inspections. Your satisfaction with the property will depend on a number of crucial criteria, including the absence of unpleasant surprises, the assurance of quality, and the resultant confidence in the foundation. Therefore, if you don’t thoroughly evaluate your new structure for flaws, you won’t just be skipping a crucial stage that guarantees satisfaction but also one that ensures a sizable return on investment (ROI).

The regular practice of conducting property inspections has always been viewed as a benefit for the buyer but as a liability for the developer. Due to these circumstances, sellers are less motivated than purchasers to conduct rigorous examinations.

At Next Level Real Estate, our team specifically points out any and all quality issues, defects, omissions, general construction issues, and subpar craftsmanship, both minor and major. The new property is then thoroughly inspected (both within and externally) in every aspect.

What is Snagging?

A snag is a minor flaw or issue that still exists in your property after construction is finished. Typically, it is something that is broken, not fitting properly, or appears incomplete. For example, consider a scratch on a window or a door with a missing hinge.

Newly constructed homes frequently have minor flaws or “snags” brought on by subpar construction or tools. It is your responsibility to list and notify your home’s builder of any flaws you find. Additionally, if you are employing contractors to renovate your home, you should do it.

The majority of flaws are cosmetic, but more serious ones, including large cracks and improperly fitted kitchen fixtures, can sometimes appear in your property.

Why Do You Need Snagging?

A snagging list is used to note flaws in your home so that the builder can solve them. My property isn’t inspected for flaws, right? Building code inspections for your new home should have been successful, and it should include a structural warranty from a reputable insurance company.

Before you finalize the sale, it is your home builder’s job to inspect the property and correct any cosmetic issues, although it is unlikely that they will find everything.

When Should You Create A Snagging List?

Creating a home inspection checklist is an important step when purchasing a newly constructed home. This will guarantee that you receive the greatest construction quality for which you have paid. It is designed at the conclusion of a construction project and functions effectively as a “defects liability period,” allowing for the discovery of home flaws and the subsequent correction or repair by the builder.

Why Choose Property Snagging Services?

Having the professional assistance of the Dubai Approvals Team offers you the assurance that the property will be handed over in the best shape possible. This joyful moment may be ruined by concealed problems in the property, which can and will impact your ownership of the property. We are a reputable snagging business that can boost your self-assurance and facilitate a transaction.

Investing in real estate carries enormous risks as well as enormous rewards. Understanding the true condition of the property is one approach to guarantee a successful real estate deal. In fact, the Dubai Approvals Team takes care of that for you. By examining the finishing quality, our property snagging and inspection service enables you to cut down on future maintenance expenses and boost productivity. Most importantly, the team at Dubai Approvals works with you to guarantee a greater home value and make it easier to sell.

What are a snagging service’s key benefits?

An expert inspector is more likely to find more flaws than a homeowner. They can communicate on your behalf with your home builder and advocate for the repairs as part of their service. Additionally, you are free from having a personal involvement.

You can request them to recheck the corrective work for an extra price in order to make sure it was finished satisfactorily, check for additional damage, and provide additional continuing assistance.

Qualities of a Professional Sagging Company


What is and isn’t covered by your snagging inspection? is a key query to put to snagging businesses.

Snagging firms occasionally focus on particular industries, such as plumbing and electricity, while avoiding others, including home alarm systems. For a sample snagging survey so you can see exactly what is covered, you may always inquire.

Knowledge & Experience

Looking at their prior work, contacting references, and learning about their experience with home building are all necessary. How established and educated about the job do they seem to be?

Conflict of Opinion

Snagging businesses have strong connections with developers in the building sector. If your snagging service also performs work for the specific builder or developer you represent, conflicts of interest may exist. It’s crucial that you choose a snagging company that shares your desire to buy a good house.


Speaking of sample snagging surveys, it’s important to comprehend the manner in which the business offers its survey. Some may only offer a textual report, while others may send the builder pictures of the flaws. Remember that secifics are crucial when requesting that the builder or developer pay for repairs.

Snags in the Future

Snags might be small, complicated, or difficult to find. As a result, the initial sweep might not catch everything. Find out if your snagging company includes the cost of future inspection, if or when necessary, to safeguard yourself against re-snags. Some businesses could demand that you pay more for this.

How Can We Help You?

Next Level Real Estate is the best professional snagging company in Dubai, that offers comprehensive and varied residential property management and handover inspection services around the city.

We have assembled a team of expert inspectors across the country that are committed to their work and highly trained and experienced. When it comes to snagging a new-build home, they have incredibly high requirements.

With our in-house snagging services in Dubai, we offer specialized tools, knowledge, and skilled workers to identify both minor and significant flaws rapidly. By using our services, you can communicate with the developer to have the issues resolved while saving time and effort.

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