10 Tips of Summer Maintenance for Dubai Properties?


With a huge influx of people buying property in Dubai, both homeowners and landlords in Dubai shouldn’t neglect home maintenance. Long-term absences from a property might increase its vulnerability to unanticipated disasters including floods, mold growth, and pest infestation. There are many pest control services in Dubai to help you get rid of pests, even though home maintenance businesses can handle them all.

High humidity, rising temperatures, and a sparse outdoor population. If you’ve lived in Dubai for a while, you’ll be accustomed to this season. While the high humidity and peak temperatures are unavoidable, you can take steps to keep your home cool and trouble-free during summer.

We have prepared a comprehensive blog that will help you maintain your house in Dubai in hot humid temperatures and keep your property in an optimal condition at all times.

1. Make an appointment for professional AC maintenance.

Every four months, your air conditioning (AC) equipment should be examined and maintained; now that summer is here, is an excellent time to get ahead of this maintenance.

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Before you attempt to conduct this task yourself, bear in mind that ONLY a respectable company should do so since they will have the necessary expertise to complete the task to the greatest degree and guarantee your system is operating effectively. They can also draw attention to any concerns before they grow into bigger ones.

2. Clean up the outdoor AC unit.

One of the most crucial components of your AC system for villas and luxury apartments for sale in Dubai is the outdoor AC unit. Make sure to always keep this area tidy and free of anything that could obstruct the components.

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Your unit can easily be clogged and damaged by plant growth, dirt, or grass clippings, leading to a less efficient operation or complete failure – a true nightmare during the summer in Dubai! Maintaining a clean outdoor AC unit will lower resistance and increase system effectiveness.

3. Recognize the proper temperature

Keep your thermostat set at 24 degrees Celsius or above and check that your appliances are in “auto” mode rather than “on” as a quick way to save money on electricity throughout the summer.

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You may save your electricity costs and give your AC system a rest from the cool, high-power setting by turning the temperature up just a little. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) claims that every degree you elevate can result in a 10% reduction in cooling demand.

If you currently have an older mechanical type thermostat, you might wish to upgrade to a programmable device in the future because it offers superior cooling system control and efficiency.

4. Ensure Windows Are Insulated

The advantages of insulating windows are numerous. Firstly, it will not let the outside heat enter your property. Your home will stay cooler as a result of this. Additionally, it will increase the effectiveness of your AC. As a result, you will have more control over your DEWA bill, which in Dubai during the summer can be rather hefty.

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Your windows can be insulated in a variety of ways. One alternative, for instance, is to swap out regular windows for ones with double panes of glass. A window tint can also be added to already-installed windows. Instead of repelling sunlight, this technique reflects it.

5. Get Some Indoor Plants

The luxury apartments for sale in Dubai are surrounded by parks and lush greenery. Even the villas have access to luscious parks and swimming pools. This is to keep the outdoors as well as the indoors cool for the summer. You may still add a touch of greenery by purchasing some indoor plants. In case you have a villa for sale, you may choose to add indoor plants to your space.

It will not only enhance the interior design of your home but also keep the area cool. There are a variety of indoor and outdoor plants available. If you find it difficult to carve out time for gardening, try to choose low-maintenance plants.

6. Inspect and Fix the House’s Interiors

Examining the interior of your Dubai property should be the next thing on your agenda for home upkeep. Setting aside a day to check all the rooms’ walls and flooring for damage or cracks is a simple approach to accomplish this. Additionally, check the functionality of electrical outlets, the weather-stripping around doors and windows, and any leaks in the bathroom sinks and toilets. Additionally, you should examine the locks on the windows and doors as part of your assessment. Note down any damage or subpar performance you find, then get in touch with the maintenance firm to have it fixed. 

7. Maintain the Outdoors

The residents of  Dubai also need to take care of outside property maintenance. Trim back any bushes, moss, or dead plants that are sprouting close to the perimeter of your Dubai home. If you own a villa in Dubai, these plants may find their way into the crevices around the outside of your house and harm the foundation as well. A tidy yard also improves the appearance of the property. Check out this UAE gardening advice if you’re unsure how to care for a garden in your Dubai home. 

8. Fumigate the House

Homeowners in Dubai should be sure to regularly inspect spaces like the basement and kitchen cabinets, especially during the summer, to look for any kind of infestation. Any bedbugs, termites, or cockroaches can be eliminated with regular fumigation for pest control. This is a crucial component of property upkeep in Dubai because any infestation could pose health issues or possibly cause damage to the building. Here are a few do-it-yourself methods for preventing pests from entering your home. If you want pest control for your Dubai property, engage a licensed professional to handle the task.

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9. Assess the Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Testing the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is the first item on our checklist for house maintenance in Dubai. These detectors typically have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years, but regular inspections are necessary to determine whether they are in excellent working order because they will be required in the event of a fire or carbon monoxide leak. The “test” button is typically included with these detectors. When the test button on the detector is depressed, an alarm should go off. If it doesn’t, you’ll probably need to get a new one fitted or change the batteries. In any case, if you need to replace or repair your smoke detectors, be sure to call an experienced technician.

10. Deep Clean your House or Hire a Professional

It is advised to hire a cleaning agency to deep clean your home at least once a year. This will assist in removing dirt and grime that accumulates in your home’s corners. Many cleaning service providers in Dubai provide additional services like sanitizing the entire house and utilizing UV lights to eliminate bacteria on mattresses.

You can also consult Dubai real estate agencies for property maintenance tips. Next Level Real Estate is a professional real estate company in Dubai that can provide the best property maintenance services in Dubai. 


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